The iPhone Pro, new iPad and AirPods approach


Only tariffs, often high, remain a secret. A few weeks before Apple's re-entry conference, the list of potential products presented is expanding at the mercy of indiscretions of suppliers, protection manufacturers and now employees of the brand with the apple crunch.

Like many American specialty sites, the Bloomberg agency understands, citing internal sources, that the ranges of Appl e will be filled with a new generation of devices, no revolution in sight, a proper evolution.

The rumor had grown recently, there should be three announced iPhone names still questionable: the 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Plus. A classic trio for the firm since 2017 but which comes in a context of erosion of sales of the flagship product of the brand.

A mandatory response to competition

That's why the experts expect that the most expensive model, the Pro, includes a triple photo module with a powerful zoom and a wide-angle mode like the most serious competitors, Huawei or Samsung even Xiaomi or Oppo, have been doing it since the beginning of the year.

The iPad Pro should also have the right to a refresh with a more powerful processor but a design unchanged. A larger iPad could point the end of its screen even if Apple has already presented in March the new models.

A new version of the AirPods with a possible active noise reduction would also be presented but could come out next year.

Two new models of the Apple Watch 4, a more affordable HomePod speaker and a new version of the Macbook Pro could well be the last-minute guests of an event that should be held, normally, the second Tuesday of September, so the 10 .


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