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The Italian Francesco Bagnaia won the San Marino Grand Prix in the MotoGP Royal Class

Jennifer Lorenzini, Reuters

Nineteen-year-old Salač announced before the race in Misano that he would be promoted to Moto2 from next season. But he did not succeed on the circuit in Misano. Only the 26th place in the qualification was the worst for him this year and meant the start from the penultimate ninth row.

Soon, however, he moved forward and from the third round he moved in the points fifteen. He rode in a group fighting for twelfth place, the front of the field was far away. In the 14th lap, the home rider Romano Fenati fell in a corner, even though he drove fearlessly in the lead. Four laps later, the Grand Prix for Salače ended.

“Unfortunately, seven laps before the finish line, one of the riders on the back plane wanted a motorcycle and I bumped into it from behind. I’m glad I didn’t fall, but otherwise I’m quite sad, because the motorcycle wasn’t able to continue,” he described in a press release

Further damage

There was more damage. “I had a broken wheel, a bent pitchfork, a torn hose from the front brake and my front rubber exploded. Luckily I didn’t fall, but it’s unfortunate what happened again. We have to work on the qualification for the next race and keep our heads up.” added Salač.

Other Italians Niccoló Antonelli and Andrea Migno passed the finish line behind the winning Foggia. The World Cup series will continue on October 3 with the American Grand Prix in Austin.

Bagnaia celebrated the first MotoGP victory of his career last week in Aragon and followed up on home Italian soil today. At the end of the attack, the member of the Ducati team resisted the championship leader Fabio Quartarar and defeated the French by 364 thousandths of a second. Enea Bastianini finished third and his first podium in the strongest class.

The second man in the standings, Bagnia, managed to slightly pull back the loss to Quartarar, who is aiming for his first championship title. The Yamaha rider still has a significant lead of 48 points before the final four races.

San Marino Grand Prix, Misano World Motorcycle Championship:
1. Foggia (It./Honda) 39: 17.002
2. Antonelli (It./KTM) -0,565
3. Migno (It./Honda) -0.817
4. García (Šp. / GASGAS) -2,140
5. Mass (Sp. / KTM) -3,098
6. D. Binder (JAR / Honda) -7,633
… Salač (ČR / KTM) did not finish.
World standings (after 14 of 18 races):
1. Acosta (Šp. / KTM) 210
2. Foggia 168
3. Garcia 168
4. Fenati (It./Husqvarna) 134
5. Masiá 122
6. Antonelli 118
… 17. Salac 46.
1. R. Fernández (Šp. / Kalex) 40: 40,563
2. Gardner (Austr./Kalex) -0,402
3. Canet (Šp. / Boscoscuro) -0.569
4. Lowes (Brit./Kalex) -1,578
5. Bezzecchi (It./Kalex) -4,920
6. A. Fernández (Šp. / Kalex) -5,361.
World standings (after 14 of 18 races):
1. Gardner 271
2. R. Fernández 237
3. Bezzecchi 190
4. Lowes 140
5. Canet 119
6. A. Fernández 118.
1. Bagnaia (It./Ducati) 41:48,305
2. Fourth (Fr./Yamaha) -0.364
3. Bastianini (It./Ducati) -4,789
4. M. Márquez (Šp. / Honda) -10,245
5. Miller (Austr./Ducati) -10,469
6. Mir (Sp. / Suzuki) -10,325.
World standings (after 14 of 18 races):
1. Fourth 234
2. Bagnaia 186
3. Me 167
4. Zarco (Fr./Ducati) 141
5. Miller 140
6. B. Binder (JAR/KTM) 124


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