The joke with which Mike Bahía would reveal Greeicy Rendón’s pregnancy

Greeicy Rendón and Mike Bahía have one of the most stable relationships in the national show business, they have been a stable couple for several years, they support each other in their personal projects and have been very wise during the time of the pandemic.

Their fans often wonder if they plan to get married or even have children soon, taking into account all the time they have been together and that they are of an age to form a family, however, they have stated that they do want to, only that they are focused on their successful careers.

But a recent Instagram Story left the followers of the famous couple with several doubts, Mike Bahía recently recorded himself speaking with Greeicy Rendón, “Today they told me cachetona, right?”, She tells her boyfriend.

“Could it be that you are pregnant?” and she says “No”, but makes a gesture of concern and of not being sure to say “no”.

Although everything seems like a joke, the situation caused several reactions on social networks, for example, on Instagram you see some comments: “Can you imagine? They would be precious as dads ”, among others who show surprise at a possible pregnancy of the interpreters of ‘Esta Noche’.


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