The journalists convened by the DGSI "are litigants like the others", considers the spokesman of the government


On Europe 1, Sibeth Ndiaye justified the convocation of authors of articles on the Benalla case and on the use of French weapons in Yemen by the intelligence services.

Eight journalists from several French media have been summoned by the General Directorate of Homeland Security (DGSI) for the last four months. Convocations that come after the publication of articles on the use of French weapons in Yemen, for some, or on the Benalla case, for others. Asked about Europe 1, Thursday, May 23, the spokesman of the government Sibeth Ndiaye defended these convocations. "Journalists are justiciable like the others"she said.

"There are in France a number of obligations that weigh on all citizens, and we can not disclose the identity of an agent who belongs to special forces"
, detailed the minister, referring to a survey by Ariane Chemin, the World, about Choki Wakrim, an air force non-commissioned officer and journeyman to Matignon's former security chief.

Sibeth Ndiaye also justified the protection by the State of"a number of data that are necessary for activities, including outdoor defense activities and military activities". Regarding the investigation into the sale of French weapons in Yemen, Sibeth Ndiaye judged "not normal" that"a note classified defense secret is found in nature", and warned of the risk that these "Leakage", today "towards journalists", be it "tomorrow towards a foreign power".

Several journalists and unions in the profession are worried about these summonses. They denounce a "unbearable crackdown against journalism and freedom to inform". They also invoke the law of 29 July 1881 on the freedom of the press, which provides inter alia that "lThe secret of journalists' sources is protected in the exercise of their mission of informing the public ".

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