The joy of the Ligurian ‘terrace’ tennis players mentioned by von der Leyen – Liguria

In the lockdown they played from two buildings. Video went around the web. The President of the European Commission: ‘A lesson for all’


They could not believe it: being taken as an example by the President of the European Commission Ursula van der Leyen, after having been a youtube star with tens of thousands of views for a tennis match played on the terraces, galvanized little Carola, 11 and older. great Vittoria, 14, who today found themselves protagonists of these words: “they are a lesson for everyone – said President von der Leyen – who tells us not to let ourselves be blocked by the obstacles we find on our path. what they teach us. This year Europe has followed their example and has not allowed itself to be held back by the old conventions “.

The two girls were at school this morning when the president’s words appeared on the agencies. The first to be informed was the coach of Carola and Vittoria: “Moving, unexpected words that fill us with pride – Poggi told ANSA -, I can’t think of a better recognition for Carola and Vittoria. They are girls absolutely in leg, disciplined, attentive, aware. And all this popularity, which is now global, has not changed them. They continue to come to train with great attention: this week they have the finals of the macro-area of ​​Northern Italy: Carola in Loano (Savona) and Vittoria in Valenza Po, in Piedmont. And I am very, very proud of them “.

Carola returned from school accompanied by her father: she listened to the reading of von der Leyden’s words carefully. “Grazieeeeee, what nice words – said the girl – I’m very happy with these words. We didn’t think about all this thing that happened after the video. We wanted to train that day”.
A similar reaction from Vittoria, who returned home after school, 1st scientific high school: “I would like to thank the president of the European Commission, I am honored by the words she said about us. It is all strange – she stressed – everything that it happened and that they talked about two like us who are normal people. We played because it seemed that the afternoon ended first “and then” all this happened. I feel very honored by what the president said, I would like to thank her “.

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