The keys to disappointment in Real Madrid


These are the six keys of the six months lost by Zidane. The Frenchman needs to change many things and he must do it quickly, he cannot wait any longer. We must make new alignments and bid for young people to find that intensity that is missing and that denounces.

The expected revolution has not occurred
"There will be changes," Zidane announced on March 11 at the Bernabéu's honor box, on his return to office after 284 days of absence in which he saw Lopetegui and Solari fall. 192 days have passed since he took the reins of Real Madrid again and the change does not exist. The faces have varied with Hazard, Jovic, Militao, Mendy, Rodrygo, Areola and James's return, but the renewal does not come because Zinedine is a coach who trusts veterans more than youngsters. He believes more in the men who gave him three Champions than in the new signings. Count on them as relays, not as headlines. Only Hazard and James point to the eleven and are not exactly youngsters. Under these conditions, the change is difficult to execute. The spine is the same as always: Ramos, Casemiro, Modric, Kroos and Benzema. Same virtues and weaknesses, but all with more years.

The blows in the players' choice
Bale and James were two players discarded from the beginning by Zidane. In the end they have remained on the roster and today they are headlines. The club showed him that they were very valid assets of the company and the coach went on to count on them. The Welshman and the Colombian have shown him now that they deserve to play. This reality shows a lack of important criteria in the training of the workforce. They are erratic decisions that were solved by the experience of the house.

The discard of Reguilón to sign Mendy for 48 million and the loss of three midfielders, Ceballos, Kovacic and Llorente, without substitutes, reveals a decompensated workforce creation, with only four real midfielders, Modric, Kroos, Casemiro and Valverde, as Isco and James are really half-pointed. Lucas acts as a midfielder in the emergency, but it is not.

Unmotivated youth like Vinicius
The coach must obtain the maximum motivation of the new players who dominate the template numerically and Vinicius is the best example of that necessary philosophy. The Brazilian is only 19 years old and needs to feel that his boss believes in him. Last season he was the player who gave hope to Real Madrid. All the teammates threw balls at Vinicius and the kid solved games with his speed, his dribble and his passes. He won the Bernabéu. Now, he has lost that confidence in himself. Note that the Frenchman does not consider him a permanent holder and the boy accuses him.

In Paris he took him in the 79th minute, with 2-0. The same happened in Villarreal. So you can contribute very little Why does Zizou make changes so late? Jovic, Valverde, Brahim and Rodrygo also ask for your site. Militao and Mendy will play more. The real change is them.

Very debatable tactical decisions
Zinedine has made mistakes in the lineups and changes that have cost Real Madrid dearly at the season's premiere. In the first place, no one understood why he did not keep Valladolid against the eleven that he won on the first day in Vigo by 1-3, that 4-3-3 system with Bale, Benzema and Vinicius on end. On the second day he seated the Brazilian and the white team had many problems due to lack of speed and football for the bands. The last straw is that he later removed a midfielder and put Jovic, so that with 4-2-4 he lost control of the game and Valladolid tied. The trouble is that he didn't learn the lesson. In Paris he repeated the mistake. Before the PSG he sat James to make room for Jovic and left the team with another 4-2-4. The strikers had no opportunities because there were no men to stock up on balls. His tactical decisions are very debatable.

The evil of the goal: Kepa, Navas and Courtoiss
The evil fario of the Madrid goal began to forge when Zidane refused to sign Kepa for 20 million in January last year. The reason, dialogue with the captains, was to maintain the positive atmosphere of the champion squad. The group wanted the continuity of Kiko Casilla as the third goalkeeper and stayed. In the end, in July 2018, Courtois came. Lopetegui, new coach, shared the calendar between the Belgian and Keylor. Solari arrived and chose Courtois. A title that Zidane endorsed in May with a view to this season. Navas left for PSG at the end of August. And Courtois is on the target. They want me to make those miraculous stops that define a Real Madrid goalkeeper. It demands more. But blaming him for the team's losses is diverting attention. The main problems of the team are not in the goalkeeper.

The problem of preparation and injuries
The change of physical trainer and the extensive list of injuries have become a problem added to the purely football to further complicate the coach's situation. Mendy, Asensio, James, Isco, Hazard, Rodrygo, Brahim twice, Modric and Valverde add ten muscle ailments in two months, the last two suffered with the selections of Croatia and Uruguay, not with Real Madrid. Zidane has not been able to count on these players in most of the matches played until today. Asensio will not play until next year.

The Frenchman decided not to have Pintus, the physical trainer he chose in 2016 and won two Champions, to sign Dupont, the specialist of the French national team. Repeated quadriceps tears have revealed that there is an excess of work that affects the thigh. Bale, on the other hand, has not broken. .


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