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The killer of 11-year-old Sebastian from Katowice. There is an indictment against Tomasz M.

The District Prosecutor’s Office in Sosnowiec sent to the court an indictment against Tomasz M., who will answer, inter alia, for the abduction and murder of 11-year-old Sebastian from Katowice. This high-profile crime, which shocked public opinion across the country, took place in May last year.

Tomasz M. they will be responsible for seven crimes. Hear the allegations about not only related assassin Sebastian – even before this crime, he sexually abused other children.

The district court will hear the case in Sosnowiec.

There are all indications that due to the nature of the case, the trial will be held in camera. The court will decide on that.

In May, the prosecutor’s office received an expert opinion after several weeks of psychiatric observations by Tomasz M. Specialists concluded that the man he was sane at the time of Sebastian’s murder and other offenses charged against him, he may therefore be held liable in court. He is facing life imprisonment. He has been in prison since his arrest.

Sebastian disappeared May 22, 2021 r. – went to the playground of Dąbrówka Mała in Katowice, he had to return home at 19, but he sent his mother a text message where he asked for permission to extend the game by half an hour. The mother agreed, but Sebastian did not return home and did not establish contact with his family. Then the boy’s mother alerted the police.

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The perpetrator was identified the next day on the basis analysis of surveillance camera recordingswho registered a Ford passenger near the playground. Dozens of minutes after selecting the vehicle’s registration number, police found its owner. He turned to her 41-year-old resident of Sosnowiec. The man was arrested and in a conversation with investigators confessed to the abduction and then the murder of an 11-year-old.

Soon the police found the child’s body – he was hiding on construction site in Sosnowiec district of Niwka – a few kilometers from Dąbrówka Mała, where the boy lived. The author brought it to the neighboring car Sosnowiec. The man indicated where the body was hidden immediately after the arrest. Sebastian was probably kept in several different places after his abduction. In one of them, he was murdered and then taken to a construction site, where – according to the media – the perpetrator intended to pour concrete on the child’s body. The prosecutor’s office does not address these details.

Based on the autopsy results and additional research, it was determined that the cause of Sebastian’s death was choke. From the beginning, sexual activity was taken into account in the procedures background crime. The prosecutor’s office does not want to comment on that either.

Sebastian 11 years old from Katowice died

According to official information, 41-year-old scout from Sosnowiec, after divorce, has two children. He already knew from the police. In 2008, in Siemianowice Śląskie, Tomasz M. kidnapped another child, ordered him to undress and took pictures, and was released. He was brought before a local court on charges of kidnapping, possessing and distributing pornographic content involving a minor, and also received computer programs. He did not question guilt by voluntarily submitting the punishment.

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In April 2009, he was sentenced by a court without trial – two years in prison suspended for a five-year probation period. According to police sources, apart from this case, in connection with the abuse of his wife from 2018, Tomasz M. was banned from approaching his family.

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