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The killer of the girl in Lobos wanted to blow up a bottle to erase evidence | Chronicle

by drbyos

Sergio Ramón Oliveira, the only one arrested for the crime of his eight-year-old cousin in the Buenos Aires city of Wolves, wanted to generate a major fire in his house to erase all evidence of the crime with a carafe that did not explode, but had been placed near the embers where he burned the body of the victim.

Meanwhile, Oliveira (22) refused to testify in the last hours and will remain detained charged with the crimes of “Attempted sexual abuse followed by death and homicide doubly qualified for alevonia and for criminis cause,” to the detriment of his cousin Guadalupe Ezeiza (8), crimes that provide for the penalty of life imprisonment.

The prosecutor of the case, Patricia Hortel, of the Decentralized Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 1 of Saladillo, is convinced that there was a sexual attack that the girl tried to defend herself and that this was the motive by which the accused killed her and wanted to eliminate all the evidence, igniting fire to the smallest.

Hortel has already requested the conversion of Oliveira’s apprehension into formal detention before the judge of Guarantees 7 of the La Plata judicial department, Patricia Altamirando, who has competence in Lobos, Saladillo and Roque Pérez.

The hypothesis of the prosecutor Hortel is that Oliveira committed a sexual attack that is not known if it came to fruition or not because all evidence was lost when the killer calcined the girl.

“There was at least one attempted abuse and this girl opposed and tried to defend herself. The victim has multiple blows of fist in life and the accused has scratches. He killed her by setting her on fire and sat her on the coals to erase every trace of the crime she had committed, ” said one of the judicial investigators of the case.

The same source said that, next to the corpse and the embers, a carafe was found that had been raised to explode and thus generate a greater fire than was found on the scene.

“The intention was probably to explode and burn everything and it seems that the girl died in an accident. But the fire did not prosper because it left everything closed and lacked oxygen to generate more combustion ”, The sources explained.

The crime of Wolves

The incident occurred last Sunday when Oliveira went to look for Guadalupe for his house located on Calle Angueira and 237, of Wolves, with the excuse that he was going to take her to a birthday with her own daughter, whom she had to go look for in the house of another relative, something that did not materialize.

At night, after Oliveira did not answer her calls, the girl’s mother began the search and filed a police report for the whereabouts.

Guadalupe Ezeiza, the victim of eight years.

While the police began the search for Guadalupe based on the data provided by the mother, Oliveira appeared at the home of a relative in the neighboring city of Roque Pérez, with a nervous breakdown. “I messed up, I couldn’t do anything for the baby,” said the now accused to one of his relatives.

Given this situation, the troops went to the house of Oliveira, located on Yrigoyen Avenue at 1200, of Wolves -About 20 blocks from the domicile of the victim-, and there they found that the property was locked and that nobody attended.

Sergio Ramón Oliveira, the only one arrested for the crime of his eight-year-old cousin.

Upon entering the house, the police found the burned corpse of Guadalupe, located in a sitting position against a wall, on coals.

The preliminary autopsy report revealed that the girl had severe head injuries due to a series of blows to the head and also to the face, but that the cause of death was the burns that damaged her vital organs.

In turn, forensic doctors determined that there were signs of defense in the upper limbs of the girl, another indication that reinforces the hypothesis of sexual abuse as a motive for crime and that coincides with the scratches that the experts found in the body of the now accused , added a judicial source.


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