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"The kindest and most caring person I know": former George H.W. Bush administration officials pay tribute to the late President

George HW Several former members of his government, including former Vice President Dan Quayle, former Secretaries of State James A. Baker III and Colin L. Powell, as well as Richard B. Cheney, Secretary of the Bush's defense, remember Bush.

In an appearance on CNN's "The State of the Union," Baker said he had spent time with Bush on Friday, the day of his death. Baker said he arrived early in the morning at Bush, in Houston, where the president had a hearty breakfast consisting of eggs, yogurt and fruit drinks. Baker said Bush did not get up from bed in "three or four days," but on the basis of Bush's energy on Friday morning, he thought the president would "bounce back."

"This last day was really a very, very sweet and peaceful passage for him," Baker told animator Jake Tapper.

Baker said that Bush was not ready to leave after the death of his wife Barbara earlier this year, but "on his return to Houston after his summer in Kennebunkport, I think he was ready to go".

Baker noted that Bush was the godfather of his daughter and his 60-year-old friend. Bush is the reason why Baker went into politics after hiring Baker to help him in his Senate campaign after the death of his first cancer woman.

"George Bush was perhaps the nicest and most caring person I've ever known," said Baker.

Tapper asked Baker if the era of civility in politics was dead with Bush on Friday. "I hope it did not die on Friday, because we absolutely have to be civic in our public speech," Baker said. "We have to stop shouting at each other and start listening to ourselves. George Bush had a Congress totally controlled by the Democrats and look what he did. "

The casket bearing Bush's body will arrive at the US Capitol on Monday night and will be on display in the Rotunda until Wednesday morning, when he will be transported to the Washington National Cathedral for his funeral. President Trump said Wednesday a day of national mourning.

Powell, who was President of the Chiefs of Staff under Bush, described the late president as "a perfect American," pointing to his service at the White House, to Congress, as the ambassador of the United States. United in China and as director of the CIA. career in business.

"You call him, he did," said Powell on ABC News' "This Week" show. "He then became vice president for eight years, then president of the United States, but for all that time, he never forgot who he was." He never let everything go to his head He was a man of great humility, he was humble. "

Powell added that Bush was "a product of his parents, who told him, you know," Do not boast, George; Always remember that you are humble, you work for people, you serve them. "

In an appearance in "Fox News Sunday," Cheney was questioned about Bush's alleged criticism of him as a "hard-line" and "tough guy" while he was vice-president of his son, George W. Bush.

Cheney acknowledged Bush's critics and said, "First of all, I was more, I guess, an iron donkey than when I was vice president."

He then said that after Bush made these comments, he sent Cheney a note stating, "Dear Dick, I did it."

"And then he insisted for a long time to tell me how much I was a great American," said Cheney. Later in the year, Bush invited him to sit down at his dinner table at the prestigious Alfalfa Club dinner.

"This has somewhat alleviated any idea of ​​a fundamental break between Bush and Cheney," he said.

Maria Bartiromo of Fox News Channel asked Quayle what, in his opinion, was Bush's legacy. He said that if historians had their own interpretations, he felt that Bush "made things happen".

"When he left office, his economic growth rate was probably 5 or 6 percent," Quayle said in the Sunday Morning Futures. "The Berlin Wall fell, Central and Eastern Europe liberated from the yoke of communism.Apartheid in South Africa was eliminated, which brought Saddam Hussein back to Iraq, apprehended Noriega. So much in the short time, and the home front, too, so the achievements. "

Quayle noted that Bush was president in a time of divided government, with Democrats controlling both House and Senate.

"We had to work hard for the Democrats to support us," said Quayle. "And sometimes, the divided government works. This has worked well in our administration, and you can get things done if you reach out and work hard. "


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