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The King landed in Queen City

(Toronto) “I’ve played in big stadiums, I’ve had big moments and I’m ready for bigger things.”

It was with these words that Carlos Alcaraz began his first visit to Toronto.

The Spaniard has everything in a young man of 20 years. The ardor, the candor and the look. Except that he walks around with a Rolex watch on his wrist and has already won two Grand Slam tournament titles.

A few weeks ago he won the Wimbledon tournament. In the fourth tournament he played on grass only.


Carlos Alcaraz in front of the crowd after beating Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final

The “ManiAlcaraz” is more frenetic and sincere than ever. Like Elizabeth II during her Commonwealth visit, the world number one rolled out the red carpet when she arrived in the Queen City.

“I had my first practice today with [Daniil] Medvedev. I received a lot of love from the public. He shouted loudly:Carlitos, let’s go! Come on!“It was special,” he said at Saturday’s final press conference.

But last year in Montreal, Alcaraz was shown the exit door in his first match against Tommy Paul.

This year, in this Ontario edition, he hopes for a better fate: “I didn’t have a positive tournament last year in Canada and I hope it will be better this year. I learned a lot from this situation. I also learned a lot about how to handle pressure. In fact, manage everything better. »

Came back from London

Alcaraz made history for different reasons with their recent win at Wimbledon.

Obviously, his life, career and many other aspects of his daily life have turned upside down for the better.

After his victory over Novak Djokovic, the champion returned for a week to Spain to celebrate with his loved ones. A week, nonetheless, is not enough time to understand the magnitude of his achievement, he admitted: “I don’t have much time and I think I will need a little more to really get there. [à le réaliser]. »

It’s crazy what happened. Winning Wimbledon at 20 is a dream.

Carlos Alcaraz

In his absence, the trophy rests in his living room, at home, in full view. “That way, whenever my family comes, they can watch it. I never want to forget it. »

The right says he is “a very normal boy”. We want to believe him, and if neophytes met him by chance during a visit to the CN Tower, it would be difficult, if not impossible, to guess that this young man is one of the most dominant athletes on the planet. .


Carlos Alcaraz at a press conference in Toronto on Saturday

On the other hand, in the last three years, Alcaraz has won 12 titles, including two major tournaments and four Masters 1000. A meteoric rise that raises legitimate expectations, putting him in the same category as the names in tennis history. . And that’s just the beginning.

“Everything happened so fast. I know I’m still young, but that’s why I worked. I always wanted to do this job and fight for the highest honors. But you never realize it until it happens. »

In his first visit to Toronto and his first tournament since Wimbledon, the pressure will be at its height. The entire tennis world is eager to see the new king in action at the start of his new reign after securing his crown. How will Alcaraz respond? Probably like the best player in the world.

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