The kiss on the mouth between La Chilindrina and Señor Barriga that blew up the nets

Despite having spent more than 50 years since the premiere on the small screen of the television series The boy of 8, the characters are still latent in the lives of many viewers of Latin America.

Edgar Vivar, better known as the lord Belly, revealed details regarding the love affair he had with Marie Antoinette of the Snows.

Some time ago, some photographs came to light in which the actors appear kissing.

It was on the information portal Millennium, where the statements made by Vivar were known.

The note states that despite the existence of images in which he is kissing his castmate, they had no relationship.

Unlike, Edgar He explained that the image of the kiss was a sign of love and joy for life.

Mr. Barriga’s response to all the questions they asked him in relation to photography, he stated: “At this point in life, no. We love and respect each other a lot with Marie Antoinette ”.

And according to him, what they discussed at the meeting was their joy to be able to see each other again in person.

The departure of Don Ramón from El chavo del 8

A few days ago, Ramón Valdés’ daughter revealed why her father resigned from the program The guy from 8.

El chavo del 8: The sad story of the disappearance of Patty’s character in the series

“It was very sad when my father left. It should never have happened. There are many versions, but the reality, to be honest with the public that loved my father so much, is that there was pressure in the group “, he detailed.

Furthermore, he added: “There was a situation that got a bit complicated when Florinda started walking with Roberto officially. My dad said so Florinda he began to take on certain questions that did not correspond to him, such as wanting to direct the characters ”.

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