The La Encartada Museum Factory, a benchmark for Industrial Heritage. Deia, News from Bizkaia


La Encartada Museum Factory (Balmaseda) of the Diputación de Bizkaia has received the European recognition 'Anchor Point' as "a reference in the field of Industrial Heritage."

BILBAO As reported by the regional authority in a statement, the European Industrial Heritage Association ERHI (European Route of Industrial Heritage) has described 'Anchor Point', that is, place of historical importance and tourist attraction, the enclave.

After the request to include La Encartada as 'Anchor Point' and the visit of the vice president and several members of the ERHI board to the museum, the installation has received definitive confirmation of the appointment of this enclave as 'Anchor Point' or Anchor Point.

The reasons why this European organization has incorporated into its cultural route La Encartada Museum Factory are, among others, the successful conversion or transformation from factory to museum, the uniqueness of the factory located in Balmaseda, its state of conservation, both the machinery that makes up the complex, such as the building and the surrounding environment, the varied program of activities offered or the complementary services offered for holding events and temporary exhibitions.

The factory La Encartada S.A. It was founded in 1892 and was active for exactly 100 years. The social capital was contributed by five Indians – immigrants from Bizkaia who made their fortune in Mexico – among whom three from Balmaseda stand out. He devoted himself to working with wool and making different items, from berets -his main product- to blankets and cloths, as well as gloves, scarves, visors, balaclavas and, of course, skeins and tangles.

One of the great values ​​of La Encartada is its "exceptional collection of machinery, mostly English, late nineteenth century and early twentieth century."

In this way, it has kept its image and technological endowment intact and maintains all the elements of the production process, from the receipt of the raw raw material to the packaging and shipping process.


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