The largest number of Covid-19 patients was registered in Riga on Thursday; the fastest growth in Vecpiebalga region

The largest number of Covid-19 cases detected last day was registered in Riga, but the fastest growth was in Vecpiebalga region, according to the information provided by the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC).

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The cases were diagnosed in a total of 33 municipalities. 54 new infections were registered in Riga, the total number of Covid-19 cases in the capital reaching 721 inhabitants.

Last day, 22 infected people were registered in Vecpiebalga, and in total there are currently 24 sick people in the county. The infected have also been registered in the neighboring counties of Amata and Rauna, where all the patients had previously recovered. However, the total number of infected in these counties does not exceed the limit of five cases, therefore the exact number is not detected.

The number of patients has continued to grow in Latgale. Eight new infections have been registered in Daugavpils, reaching a total of 277 people with Covid-19. In turn, six newly infected people were registered in Krāslava municipality, the total number of patients growing up to 80 people.

New cases have also been registered in Jūrmala, Liepāja, Rēzekne, Olaine, Talsi, Dundaga, Daugavpils, Stopiņi, Mārupe, Babīte, Garkalne, Aglona, ​​Jelgava, Cēsis, Tukums, Saldus and Ikšķile counties.

The infection also continues to spread territorially. Newly infected people were again registered in Bauska, Nereta, Salacgriva, Kocēni, Līgatne, Rēzekne, Ludza and in the already mentioned Amata and Rauna counties, where all the patients had previously recovered. Covid-19 was registered in Auce region for the first time.

Of the new infections, 28 were children under the age of nine, while 21 were between the ages of ten and 19, 27 were between the ages of 30 and 39, and 21 were between the ages of 50 and 59. Other age groups have fewer cases.

It has already been reported that on Thursday the largest number of new cases of Covid-19 so far was registered in Latvia – 148 infected, according to the data compiled by the SPKC. A person infected with Covid-19 in the age group of 30 to 35 also died last day.

4759 Covid-19 examinations were performed during the last day, which is one of the highest numbers of tests performed per day. Meanwhile, a total of 382,949 examinations have been performed in Latvia so far, 3,204 persons have fallen ill and 1,329 have recovered.

The proportion of positive cases against those tested last day was 3.1%. The SPCC has previously explained that this figure is considered important in the European Union, as above 3%, the spread of the disease is considered to be rapid and uncontrolled.

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