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The Last of Us Part II leak: Jason Schreier confirms his thesis

On May 1, Sony announced that it had identified the author (s) of the leak The Last of Us – Part II, who posted a fair number of videos on the game (including the ending).

Contrary to the rumors spread and raised by various national and non-national newspapers, the culprit would not be a discontented developer of Naughty Dog’s working practices (thesis never proven by certain sources).

Now, a new confirmation of the thing comes from Jason Schreier, who made known via Twitter that the leak would have been caused by a simple data leak that some hackers would appropriate.

OK: after talking to two people aware of the facts about the TLOU2 leak and some Naughty Dog employees, I got an idea of ​​what happened. Short version: hackers detected a security flaw due to a patch for an old ND game and used it to gain access to their servers.

In a response to his tweet, Schreier added that: “I think the leaked footage comes from an initial build (I haven’t seen it). Above all, the rumors that the leak was an act of protest by an insider whose pay was stolen are not true. (ND has actually extended the salary and health benefits for employees due to COVID-19). “

In short, the truth is close, despite Neil Druckmann, director of the game and the development team, has recently expressed the bitterness about what happened and how the leak was an attempt to ruin the players’ experience it operates from long gestation and much awaited by fans.

We remember that The Last of Us – Part II in recent days has seen the announcement of its new release date, now scheduled for June 19, 2020.

Source: Twitter

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