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The last suspect was arrested in Cleveland for the shooting at the Isla Verde Zokkus nightclub

Federal sheriffs arrested this last night in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, the last suspect who remained a fugitive for the shooting that was recorded on January 6 of last year at the disco Zokkus Lounge Restaurant, in the marginal of the express Román Baldorioty de Castro, in Isla Verde.

This incident that took place in broad daylight shocked the entire country by the images and balance of the moment.

Federal Sheriff Pedro Fortier told The new day what This is Heriberto Torres Díaz, 23, who lived in the residential Manuel A. Pérez, in San Juan.

He argued that the individual moved to Cleveland in December, but that federal authorities had enough information to find him.

Torres Díaz is one of ten suspects in the shooting that left a dead man, an injured person and dozens of bullet casings.

Although federal authorities had arrested several of the subjects involved, Torres Díaz remained free. Two other men the bailiffs were looking for in the same incident died in the massacre last December in the residential Ernesto Ramos Antonini, in San Juan.

“With this individual, the investigation took longer because I had no previous incidents, we had nothing. In early December he moved to Cleveland, but we already had enough information to continue the investigation. ”, Fortier established.

He indicated that the subject was residing with Puerto Rican relatives and that at the time of the arrest he did not resist.

Torres Díaz faces federal charges for conspiracy and possession of illegal firearms, while in the state forum he will face charges for attempted murder and violation of the Weapons Law.

For his part, the sheriff of the United States for the district of Puerto Rico, Wilmer Ocasio said that this case “is an example that federal sheriffs do not rest until they bring violent individuals to Justice no matter where they go or hide”.

Torres Díaz will be extradited soon to the island to face pending federal charges, as well as those filed by the Prosecutor’s Office of the island. The extradition process could take two weeks.


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