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The latest iOS 14 leaks include a new fitness app, extended support for Pencil and more

Yesterday 9to5Mac published details of several new features he found in the alleged unpublished iOS 14 code and now MacRumors adds to the flood of losses in a series of posts. It is not clear that each of these functions belongs specifically to iOS 14, but they seem all those that could accompany an important software update by Apple.

The first is a new fitness app with the code name “Seymour” and possibly to be called Fit or Fitness in its shipping form. It is said to be a standalone app intended for iOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14, rather than a replacement for the current Activity app. Reportedly, the new app allows you to download fitness videos with different workouts and activities that you can perform while Apple Watch tracks the session, potentially expanding the types of exercises for which Watch can be used.

iOS 14 is also set to include a new API called PencilKit which allows you to use Apple Pencil in multiple situations. Allows recognition and conversion of handwriting into normal text entry fields, which is not currently a standard feature; MacRumors says it will allow you to use the pencil to insert text into apps like Messages, Mail, Calendar and others. Apparently third party developers will also have some form of access to PencilKit.

iMessage may also have some new features in iOS 14, although none of them sound much more than what is already a standard user interface in many other chat apps. Apple is reportedly testing features like @ tag contacts in group chats, endless messages, a status update / me feature, and the ability to mark messages as unread. MacRumors warns that these changes are only being tested and may not be available.

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Finally, MacRumors contains some details about Apple’s object tracking tags. They are set up to be called AirTags, a name that was previously invented and will likely use CR2032 button batteries. Pulling a tab on the AirTag activates, according to the report, and therefore can be paired with an iPhone or iPad by bringing it closer. MacRumors notes, however, that it is based on an AirTag prototype and stresses that it is also said that Apple Watch-style inductive charging.

9to5MacApple’s leaks, meanwhile, include details on new watchOS 7 features, improved mouse support in iPadOS, blood oxygen monitoring for Apple Watch, and additional signals that Apple plans to release its over-ear headphones.

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