The Latin demographic bomb

The reform of the immigration law presented by President Trump leaves once again the vital issue of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States. In the best – or worse – cases, it offers an unfair solution: give priority to the undocumented who have a good command of English and who have more professional training than those who have family ties. In this last chapter a good part of the "dreamers" are included, the Latinos who came to the country as children from the hand of their parents.

Far is the expectation, if any, that Donald Trump announced facilities for the undocumented who have been residing in the United States for years, to compensate for their stick policy for newcomers or for potential Latino immigrants. Paradoxically, the president who has done the most for the "dreamers" and for the illegals has been George W. Bush, who tried a great amnesty. His successor, Barack Obama. he publicly recognized him when he arrived at the White House; but he – despite being a Democrat and member of the black minority – did not do anything for the millions of Latino immigrants. It is just to recognize it so as not to throw all the stigma on the Republican Donald Trump.

At the bottom of the rejection of Hispanic immigration beats the fear of the ruling elite "wap" (white and Protestant) to continue losing demographic weight in the United States. This week the data for 2018 were made public: The number of births decreased 2 percent last year compared to the previous year, and was the lowest in three decades. Statistics show that Latinas have more children than white women, exactly twice as many, which increases the percentage of the Hispanic population in the country.

Another surprising piece of official statistics: the biggest demographic decline among the "wap" has occurred during these almost three years of Donald Trump's term. And this despite the fact that the economy and employment have improved. How to explain? (tagsToTranslate) immigration (t) usa

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