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The Latvian Fund for Nature invites young people to become ambassadors for climate change / Article / LSM.lv

Latvian Fund for Nature campaign “Greetings from climate change!” will address the people of Latvia about the seriousness of climate change. 42% of Latvians already believe that this is one of the most significant problems in the world; The aim of the campaign is to educate the rest of the society in cooperation with young people, the foundation informed in a statement to the media.

In the project “Game On: Let’s not let climate change win!” From October 26, several campaigns “Greetings from Climate Change!” objects. Environmental objects will be placed in the city, which will show the residents what changes are expected in the future. Rising water levels in the Daugava, prolonged heat in the city center, a natural disaster at the Freedom Monument – these seem to be exacerbated and seemingly unrealistic scenarios at the moment, but according to experts’ forecasts, we will be able to face such phenomena in a few decades.

The campaign will also promote 13 simple actions related to young people’s everyday situations, which everyone can implement in their lives to make it more climate-friendly.

In this campaign, the Latvian Fund for Nature invites young people to work together to raise public awareness of climate change and strengthen the inclusion of climate-friendly actions in our daily lives.

On the campaign’s website, young people can submit their application to become climate ambassadors and educate people in their immediate area – friends, family, schoolmates, by conducting a conversation on climate change. Young people who apply will receive training and materials to enable such a conversation.

“In our experience with climate issues and young people, we see that it is young people who are genuinely concerned about climate change and who want to live in a way that reduces their impact on the climate. Therefore, with this campaign, we want to strengthen young people’s knowledge of climate change and ask them to become the ones who educate us all, because we are convinced that in this way we can create a more meaningful and positive life in a more climate-friendly way, “Game On: Let us not let climate change win! ” manager Maija Ušča.

Ojārs Balcers, a climate expert at the Latvian Fund for Nature, explained: “We do not see extinct polar bears in Latvia, but climate change will reach us as well. The main risks that will affect Latvia will be an increase in the frequency and intensity of floods, warm, thaw-rich winters, less snow cover and duration in winter, and heat waves in summer. ”

Balcers emphasized that in today’s world we can no longer think of our country in isolation from the global situation – the changes caused by climate change in other parts of the world also affect Latvia.

In turn, our actions here, such as consumption habits, affect the climate elsewhere in the world. Latvia must work to mitigate climate change, every person, household and city must act to live more climate-friendly, Balcers said.

The campaign will run until November 30. Finally, the achievements of climate newsletters will be summarized and it will be assessed whether Latvia has heard greetings from climate change.

The Latvian Fund for Nature informs that the project “Game On: Let’s not let climate change win!” (Game on! Don’t let climate change end the game) is an initiative by 10 partners in eight European countries to mobilize young people in the fight against the threat posed by climate change to the future of humankind.

For 30 years, the Latvian Fund for Nature has been one of the largest nature protection non-governmental organizations in Latvia. Its mission is to preserve Latvia’s natural diversity. To carry out this mission, the Foundation works in five main directions: protected species and habitats, specially protected nature territories, nature diversity and ecosystems, society and nature education, nature protection policy.

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