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The leaked photos of OnePlus 8 reveal a familiar back of OnePlus 7T Pro

With the prices of high-end smartphones increasing more and more, the appeal of OnePlus phones is becoming stronger. They may no longer be the low-cost flagship killers they were when the company started, but it still manages to generate interest and a loyal following due to the mix of phone and price. OnePlus has recently shown what it is capable of, at least in theory, but do not expect those experimental features to go towards OnePlus 8. This year, in fact, you could also confuse it with OnePlus 7T Pro if you don’t do it look closely.

It’s actually quite surprising that we haven’t heard more definitive rumors and losses about OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro by now. Sure, we have a few pieces there, but nothing of the same mass as the Galaxy S20 months before Samsung launched its flagship in early 2020. However, it seems that the phones may be close to being ready if the practical photos of it begin to appear.

We cannot verify the veracity of this pair of leaked photos, of course, but they align with what has been leaked in the past. This basically means that all the four cameras provided, except one, are aligned vertically in the middle, exactly like last year’s OnePlus 7T Pro. There are no big circles here this time.

If these photos are from OnePlus 8, so it means that OnePlus has updated its non-Pro four-camera model, the fourth is a 3D flight time sensor (ToF) on the side. If it’s the OnePlus 8 Pro we’re looking at, then there are even fewer visible differences than last year’s high-end OnePlus phone. The differences, of course, will be inside. Or hopefully, there will be.

The front of the phone may have a more interesting story to tell, including a 120Hz 2K OLED screen with a still invisible clipping. OnePlus 8 could also be the first company phone to have a degree of IP dust and water resistance and wireless charging, which could be enough to excite fans, despite not having undergone changes in the design.

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