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The left will present a project only for judicial employees

In addition, in another of the criticisms, the project sent by the Executive “equals the age of women and men, which constitutes a lousy background for the struggle of women against the double oppression they suffer in social reality.”

In this way, it is detailed that the text that will be presented includes “even the secretaries of courts of first instance that come from judicial career” an issue that has been the cause of trade union struggles in recent years. “

“We defend 82% for all Argentine workers; mobility violated by the government and we present this project as part of that struggle, in this case in favor of judicial workers”, stressed Del Plá.

Next week will be a great movement for privilege retirements in the National Congress because the ruling party’s ruling party will seek to approve the Executive Power project.

The Frente de Todos plans to give half a penalty to the project in a session scheduled for Thursday at noon; as long as a day before, in the plenary of commissions planned for the 14, obtain the majority opinion.

The Minister of Labor is expected to present in this Plenary, Claudio Moroni, the secretary of Social Security Luis Bulit Goñi; and the executive director of Before, Alejandro Vanoli.


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