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The long journey of the Centro Department Store, from closing outlets to declaring bankruptcy

Tuesday, 18 May 2021 18:30
Reporter: Freedom

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Merdeka.com – The manager of the Centro Department Store, PT Tozy Sentosa, was officially declared bankrupt by reading the decision by the panel of judges at the District Court Jakarta Center on Monday (17/5) yesterday.

Before legally holding bankruptcy status, Tozy Sentosa, who was in charge of Centro and Parkson Department Store, had previously been given a lawsuit for Suspension of Debt Payment Obligations (PKPU) by five companies.

Quoting the page sipp.pn-jakartapusat.go id, the five companies filed a PKPU lawsuit with case number 106 / Pdt.Sus-PKPU / 2021 / PN JKT.Pst. The five companies include PT Primajaya Putra Sentosa, PT Indah Subur Sejati, PT Multi Megah Mandiri, PT Harindotama Mandiri, and PT Mahkota Petriedo Indeperkasa.

In the lawsuit petitum, the five companies asked the court to grant PKPU’s petition against Tozy Sentosa, and set a temporary PKPU against the defendant for a maximum of 45 days from the time the a quo verdict was pronounced in March 2021.

In addition, the plaintiff also asked to appoint a Supervisory Judge from the Commercial Judges at the Commercial Court at the Central Jakarta District Court to supervise the process of postponing the respondent’s PKPU.

The plaintiff’s company also asked to establish a Judge Consultative Meeting session to hear the Supervisory Judge’s report on the progress achieved during the provisional PKPU process, at the latest on the 45th day after the temporary PKPU decision was pronounced.

Then ordered the management to summon the PKPU respondent as well as the creditors known by registered mail or via courier, to appear before the hearing which was held no later than the 45th day after the PKPU verdict while the a quo was pronounced.

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