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The Lord of the Skies Season 8: release date, trailer, what will happen, actors, characters, news and everything | Lord of the Skies Season 8 | Telemundo | Netflix | FAME

Although Telemundo has not yet confirmed the completion of an eighth season of “”, It seems a fact that the story of the Casillas will continue very soon on television. After all, Amado must decide who he will save after the massive poisoning at the end of the previous installment.

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In October 2019, a few months before the outcome of the seventh season, the producer Mariana Iskandaran commented to what “dare I say yes“There will be an eighth of””. As he pointed out, “nothing would fill me more with pride than there is an eighth season”. However, the chain has not yet made any pronouncement, not even after the reappearance of , after overcoming his addictions, in .

In fact, in February 2021, , the actor who plays Amado Casillas, told the channel what “I really want to do it“, but “They have not given us the green light, they have not told us anything, there are other projects beforeThan an eighth season of the narcoserie.

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The events of the eighth season of “”Are still a mystery, although some things can be guessed from the events at the end of the seventh installment, after the death of Doña Alba and Pulque.

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Thanks to the chip they inserted into Uzcátegui’s cell phone, Ojeda and El Cabo managed to find the place where Dona Alba’s burial will take place. The Colombian suggests arming himself to the teeth to kill everyone, but the former CIA agent has another plan in mind, a more discreet one that involves fentanyl.

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When the Casillas meet at the convent to fire Alba and Pulque, Ojeda and the Cabo contaminate the convent’s water tank with fentanyl and open the sprinkler valves. Within seconds everyone is soaked through and begins to feel the effects of the powerful drug.

Amado understands the situation and asks Corina for Naloxone to counteract the effects of the opioid. The help arrives just in time, but it only has 7 doses, that is, Aurelio Casillas’ brother must decide who to save.

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The eighth season of ““It does not yet have an official trailer, but these are some of the scenes from the previous installment.


He has not yet confirmed the cast of an upcoming season of the narcoserie, but these are some of the actors who could return.

  • Robinson Díaz plays Miltón Jiménez ‘El Cabo’
  • Carmen Aub plays Rutila Casillas
  • Alberto Guerra plays José María ‘Chema’ Venegas
  • Ninel Conde plays Evelina
  • Iván Arana plays Ismael Casillas Guerra
  • Alejandro López plays Super Javi
  • Isabella Castillo plays Diana Ahumada
  • Matías Novoa plays Amado Leal, ‘Águila Azul’
  • Guy Ecker interpreta a Joe Navarro
Aurelio Casillas died in the seventh season of
Aurelio Casillas died in the seventh season of “The Lord of the Skies” (Photo: Telemundo)


The eighth season of ““It does not have a release date yet, but considering that its creator Luis Zelkowicz is involved in another project, it is likely that the new episodes will not arrive until 2021 or 2022.


Perhaps a spin-off of “”Is the answer to all questions. As People en Español points out, this idea does not seem to upset fans of Telemundo’s longest running series, nor does it seem to upset actress Isabella Castillo.

The Cuban interpreter who gives life to Diana Ahumada said: “I say the same thing”, in a recent live broadcast on Instagram after one of her followers requested a spin-off of the Casillas.

Although the 25-year-old actress invited her fans to write to the network to make the request come true, it should also be noted that this season of “The Lord of the Skies” was the least seen and the most controversial of the saga.

“At the end of the day we are actors and we do our work and we have to interpret the scripts and scripts that they write for us and for us it is very gratifying that you support us despite everything that may happen and that they have not stopped watching us. and that they want an eighth season, all that fills us with joy because the process has been difficult, “added Castillo.

The cast of
The cast of “El Señor de los Cielos” says goodbye through social networks (Photo: Instagram)


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  1. Omg I am so sad it came to an end!! I have come alive with my Senor de los Heaven…slot of sleepless nights..because I could stop watching it love everyone!! Cryed with yall laughed with yall!! So excited for Amado and Diana beautiful couple!!!
    Love all of you Ruth Javi Ismael Skinny Dona Alba most of all my Aureilo!!!! I missed alot of yall ..Please bring a season 8

  2. You must have an eighth season and maybe even a ninety season of lord of the skies. You need at least 200 more episodes. I don’t speak Spanish but even with English subtitles I really enjoyed the series. Please bring it back.

  3. Season 8 is a must!!! Your Ratings will be out of the ordinary!! Bringing it back will give Telemundo a series to remember ???? bring back Aurelio n Chacorta n go after el Cabo ????

  4. We loved watching the series even though we no speak espaniol 😀 but we were glued !!
    Well done 👏! Looking fwd to 8 and more of these !

  5. Love the series,even my boyfriend who does not speak Spanish loves it.I understand little I’m Mexican American.Can’t wait for 8 to start

  6. Love love the series please bring back more seasons especially Aurelio. We need to see more of him great actor love the whole cast omg its soooo addicting lost plenty of sleep watching because I couldn’t turn off the tv. Please bring back more!!!!

  7. Please bring another season with episodes
    Just finished watching and came to google to find out what’s next..
    Love them all actors.
    Even though I don’t understand Spanish love you all mucho..
    The only series I enjoy watching…

  8. I just finished watching this series. Loved every episode & now hooked. The ending left me with my chin on the floor. Great final season 7. Great writers what a shocker!!! Thought it would be the bad guys losing. Thk you for subtitles in English. Good thing I can read fast! Looking to whats coming next.


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