Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

The low-speed pursuit of the tractor leads to the crash, arrest, of two injured policemen

Two Denver police officers were injured during a slow chase of a John Deere tractor stolen Friday night after more than a dozen squads had pursued city streets , the authorities said. The lawsuit ended after a police vehicle hit the tractor full force, deploying the cruiser's airbags, a witness told FOX31 Denver. The driver jumped out of the car and overpowered the suspect with a stun gun.

"As soon as this collision occurred, the officer on the side of that driver had come out of that door and was out with his Taser instantly," said the witness Marcos Willman at the station. "I have the impression that it was just adrenaline, just like up and we get this guy."

The chase started in the City area Park, where the Denver Zoo is located, and developed slowly, Denver Police spokesman Tyrone Campbell told KMGH-TV Denver

that the tractor struck several vehicles and that some buildings were damaged.The police decided to stop the tractor by hitting him head-on to stop the pursuit before the pedestrians were injured.

The two police officers were hospitalized after the accident. Accident, said the police.The details of their injuries were not revealed, but we expected that they would recover completely.

The suspect suffered multiple dog bites while he resisted his arrest and was taken to the hospital, where he was also to recover.

The suspect was not identified and no charges were laid Friday.

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