The Madrid method: “We predict outbreaks using the sewers. So we do mini-lockdown”

“In Madrid the situation is improving, but not thanks to the government. When fighting the coronavirus you have to allow 10-15 days to assess the effect of the measures. What we see today is the fruit of our work: instead of closing the entire region, the Comunidad of Madrid had limited the lockdowns to smaller areas, only where the virus was circulating, leaving the others free. More difficult, of course, but more effective and less expensive ”. Isabel Diaz Ayuso is the president of the Madrid Region and tells the Corriere della Sera your experience.

Is there a Madrid method?
“We measure the virus in wastewater. We understand that above a certain threshold, an outbreak will erupt within 48 hours. We were able to close in advance ».

Are the reins to tame Covid in the sewers?
“Also. Provided that you are able to circumscribe the areas. What did the government do instead? It closed the outer perimeter. So maybe it defended the rest of Spain, but it allowed mobility between more infected and healthy neighborhoods. A disaster”.

Are you ashamed to admit that you are courting your constituency and Sánchez your own?
“Of course I answer whoever votes for me, but if a bar closes, the bartender is ruined, whether you vote left or right. And this pandemic will go on for … how long? Two years? It is the task of politics to indicate how to survive the lockdowns as well as the virus ».

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