The magistrates heard by the investigators –

The General Inspectorate of Administration and Justice (IGAJ) has started its hearings in the case of corruption accusations between Judge Yaya Amadou Dia and the President of the Kaolack Court of Appeal, Ousmane Kane.

According to L’Observateur, the prosecutor general at the Kaolack Court of Appeal, Alpha Ousseynou Dial, was heard first by investigators from the IGAJ. Then, in turn, the magistrate Ousmane Guèye, adviser within the same jurisdiction, then, the president of the Court of Appeal of Kaolack, Ousmane Kane – who lodged a complaint – faced the investigators the IGAJ.
During his hearing, he returned to his dispute with judge Amadou Yaya Dia, which was said to have arisen from a technical fault committed by his accuser who refused to repair it when his superior asked him to do so.
Hearings continue today with that of Judge Amadou Yaya Dia, as well as the testimony of Chamber President Souleymane Sy.

After the sensational resignation of the president of the Kaolack Court of Appeal Me Ousmane Kane, on Tuesday August 18; the Juge Yaya Amadou DAY, after having acknowledged receipt of his letter of resignation, had served him a written response, accusing him of corruption in a case he was in charge of. Disgusted, the resigning magistrate did not hesitate to file a complaint to wash his honor.

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