The Main Early Day 2019 deals


Hot summer sales are almost here: Amazon Prime Day starts at midnight on Monday, 15 July. And while the official start is days away, Amazon is releasing a selected number of deals that you can buy now, before the rush. From the big discounts on high-tech household items with Amazon branding, the best steals are all (to date) below.

Stream Queens

Get $ 100 from Amazing Fire TV Recast, a DVR that allows you to record up to 75 hours of air TV. Join the Amazon Fire TV stick, which currently comes with a free 2 month subscription to HBO (great news for fans of “Big Little Lies”).

Amazon Television Remodeling, $ 229.99 ($ ​​129.99 Now) at AmazonAmazon

Amazon Firestick, $ 39.99 (With a 2 month free HBO subscription now) at AmazonAmazon

Bell of the Wall

Ding dong… ditch for old-fashioned door bell for this Door Video with Echo Dot, which is more than $ 100 cheap now.

Doorbell Ring Ring Ring with Echo Dot, $ 298.99 (Now $ 169) at AmazonAmazon

“Alexa, Play…”

Add your Alexa device to any external speaker with the Echo Input, which has more than half of it to a Main Membership.

Echo input, $ 34.99 ($ ​​14.99 Now) at AmazonAmazon

Home Run

You have up to 30% of in-house brands, make sure you have the basic household items like these Solimo sandwich bags.

Solimo Sandwich storage bags (300 counts), $ 7.49 (Now $ 5.99) at AmazonAmazon

The Graduate

Does a person love grading to the person? Save up to 30% on the “Off-College” collection, including school supplies such as these Sharpie markers.

Sharpie markers (8 counts), $ 10.51 (Now $ 8.20) at AmazonAmazon

Couch potatoes

Spruce up your home with up to 20% percent of Stone & Beam home ware, including this printed throw pillow.

Stone & Beam throw a pillow, $ 49.99 ($ ​​39.99 Now) at AmazonAmazon

Read, listen, watch out

Some earlier dealings focus in the Central Day on pure entertainment:

  • 66% of 3 months audible audiobooks, $ 14.95 / month (Now $ 4.95 / month for first 3 months)
  • Get a $ 5 credit when you spend $ 20 on books
  • Get 4 months of Amazon Music for $ 0.99 ($ ​​7.99 / month after the 4 month period) t
  • $ 1.99 for Marvel movie rents

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