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The main football, basketball and handball clubs in Girona stop training

The alarm state announced yesterday and which today will be decreed by the Spanish Government to stop the coronavirus, has also caused total uncertainty among the most representative teams of the region, Girona, Olot and Llagostera, in the world of football. Stopped the competitions of Second A and Second B since Thursday, yesterday seeing the evolution of the situation the clubs decided to go further and also slow down their activity. Thus, Girona, Olot and Llagostera stopped training without a clear date to return to work. In Montilivi, a protocol was already activated on Thursday to prevent Covid-19 and prevent its spread, but yesterday the club decided to stop the day-to-day operation of the first team.

Coach Pep Lluís Martí led the morning training session at La Vinya without being clear when he would return to work. In principle, Tuesday should be the day when you evaluate what is done, but it all depends on how it evolves. First-team players have a safety protocol that they must follow in line with what the club announced on Thursday, when it announced the cessation of basic football training and the closure of the residence in Les Hortes at the Maristes school. , and the implantation of teleworking at the stadium offices. All the young footballers who lived in the residence have returned with their families. Football, therefore, will be talked about very little in the coming days, waiting for the situation to change and the decision the League makes regarding the games postponed to Las Palmas, which should be tomorrow, and before the Racing Santander.

Uncertainty also affects the activity of Olot and Llagostera. The carobs yesterday were no longer trained and, despite the intention of returning to work on Tuesday, due to the alert that will be activated today, there is no return date. The club is expecting. “It’s a situation that is not up to us. It’s a serious thing and when health is in front of you, you have to do what you are told, ” says one of the Captain’s captain, Héctor Simon. The one from Llançà remembers that yes, that the stoppage arrives at the best moment in the League for Olot. “We have a good dynamic but we know what led us here: training well, a good locker room and working seriously. There is still excitement to look up and extend that dream as far as we can, “added the midfielder.

Llagostera also stopped its activity dry. Oriol Alsina’s initial idea was to party the entire weekend and return to work on Monday afternoon. However, this forecast for a return to training has been nullified. The club does not have a fixed date to resume work and is awaiting developments in the coming days. Second B has also been frozen for a couple of weeks, with steps taken to stop the coronavirus extension.

With regard to the Third Division, Banyoles, Figueres and Peralada have also stopped their activity and will not retrain until the current situation allows. Peralada, the fifth-highest-ranked Girona team in the category, explained yesterday that his team’s players will be monitored by the club’s medical services.

Basketball: Goodbye to Europe

On Thursday, Spar Citylift Girona announced that it was paralyzing its activity in view of the suspension of both the Women’s League and the Eurocup due to the coronavirus crisis. The club even authorized players who thought it appropriate to return home. At the moment all are still in Girona waiting for events. It was learned yesterday that FIBA ​​has ended the European season, both in the Euroleague and in the Eurocup, and therefore the tie against Venice in the quarterfinals will not be disputed by the coronavirus crisis. It remains to be seen what happens in the Endesa Women’s League, where the next two days have been suspended for the time being. Given the precedent of FIBA, it would not be ruled out that the Spanish Federation also chose to leave its competitions deserted if the current situation is prolonged. Bàsquet Girona, meanwhile, has also stopped training.


The two main representatives of Girona, the Bordils and the Sarrià, have paralyzed all the sporting activity. The Silver Honor League is suspended for a fortnight and neither team has the date to resume training for the moment. “Everything is stopped, we will not train until further notice. We will make an individual physical plan that the players will have to follow at home, but in the collective field we will not work. We will wait to see what happens, when the competition can be resumed and how the lost days are recovered, ”said Pau Campos yesterday. According to the Bordils manager, “we are facing an atypical season finale, in a difficult scenario, especially for the coaches, who like to have everything planned out.” In the face of an emergency due to the spread of the virus, Campos recommends “patience” while waiting for the case to turn for the better. In case, the league stopped with the Sarrià (9th, 19 points) and the Bordils (12th, 18th), out of direct descent and promotion.


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