The MainTenir association rewards the involvement of its employees

A letter of thanks, then another, before a bounty in due form. Since the start of the crisis, MainTenir has been stepping up its efforts towards its 280 employees, mainly made up of carers working with disabled or elderly people. Most employees remained at their posts, despite the difficulties of organizing at home and the risks involved in the field.

Valuing employee involvement

A first letter was written by the management. Another was signed by the association’s board of directors in mid-April to recall the social role of home help and to mention a possible bonus. “It is necessary at some point to give financial value to the involvement of employees, explains its director, Nicolas Claye. The state is timidly beginning to consider it. But whatever happens, we believe that this premium must fall. If the state is also committed, all the better for carers. “

A war treasure

The amount of the bonus should be validated by Friday 24 April by the association’s office. It will be paid at least in part with April’s salary. In total, this will represent several hundred euros for a full-time employee. To finance the premium, no question of touching the operating budget. MainTenir will have to draw on the associative funds, constituted for forty years that the structure exists. Used to ensure financial security and settle wages in the event of a hard blow, this war chest is rarely mobilized, for a surplus of investment, or to make up a deficit. “Exceptional situation, exceptional measure”, sums up Nicolas Claye.

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The fact remains that the employees are always as mobilized. In recent days, some carers have postponed their holidays. Mastering the endotracheal aspirations, a nursing intubation gesture necessary to relieve many patients with respiratory disabilities, they volunteered to strengthen the troops, rather than remain confined to their homes.

Masks are no longer lacking

This mindset is helping the MainTenir team get through the crisis. After more than a month of mobilization, routines have been put in place. There is no shortage of masks. A thousand disposable gowns and as many charlottes must be delivered in early May. The health situation is improving, even in terms of screening.

At MainTenir, the epidemic has united employees

Since the start of the crisis, at the slightest outbreak of fever, employees have been on sick leave, as a precaution. This is the case for around ten of them on average. For the past week, they have almost systematically benefited from a Covid-19 test, at the hospital, or in a medical analysis laboratory. “This allows us to provide precise and reassuring medical information for our beneficiaries visited by a caregiver with symptoms, underlines Nicolas Claye. The management of the crisis has been streamlined ”.


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