Tuesday, 18 Dec 2018

The man reveals the shocking name of his killer while he lies on the ground a few moments before he dies

The horrible moment when a man called his girlfriend a murderer while he was dying on a street was played in court.

Disturbing images show Larry Atwood covered in blood, shot in the stomach.

In it, Mr. Atwood covers his head when the blood runs on the floor. He says he was shot by Elizabeth Taylor and gave her his address as Cooks Lake Road.

He was also heard saying, "Help me, help me, she has shot me."

The court heard that Taylor, 71, and her youngest partner, Mr. Atwood, 58, were driving down a highway in Texas, when she shot him down and left.

Larry Atwood was shot to buy his girlfriend, he died later after appointing her

Elizabeth Taylor, 71, says she was under attack and used the weapon in self-defense

A monster who stabbed his wife 123 times blamed a cough medicine

Taylor claimed to have shot Mr. Atwood in self-defense after hitting him, grabbed his hair and tried to choke him while they were in the car.

She claimed to have grabbed the pistol from her bag and pulled toward the windshield, but she shot him in the belly.

He was filmed naming his girlfriend as a shooter

Mr. Atwood was found dying on the road, shot in the stomach

She told the court that she had warned her boyfriend, "You're shaking my hand again, I'm going to shoot you, I'm not going to let you do that again."

Prosecutors say Taylor let Mr. Atwood die on the street, while she was going to her son's home.

His son, David Walters, testified and told the court that his mother had arrived with a black eye, swollen cheeks and a cut nose.

Taylor was sentenced to only four years in prison

She told him, "I think I might have problems, maybe I shot Larry."

The jury deliberated for five hours before declaring Taylor guilty of murder while she was crying with hysteria, reports KDFM.

She was sentenced to only four years in prison as a result of an agreement between prosecutors and the defense.

She will become eligible for parole in two years.

The defense waived its right to a jury sentence and Justice John Stevens sentenced Taylor today.

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