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The Mandalorian: petition arises to fire Pedro Pascal and 50,000 fans ask to re-hire Gina Carano

No one would have imagined that after so much success The Mandalorian – 91% it would arise among the media due to scandals linked to the actors. Gina Carano She was fired a few days ago after accumulating a series of controversial opinions on social networks that go against the company’s convictions. During the night of February 10, social networks were filled with the news about the actress’s departure, provoking different opinions among fans. Some do not agree with the measure taken by Disney, that is why by requesting Change.org demand her reinstatement as Cara Dune in the galactic adventure for the small screen; on the other hand, there are those who fully demand the dismissal of Pedro Pascal.

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Pascal He was already a well-known Hollywood star when his lead was announced in The Mandalorian, had succeeded in Narcos – 90% and in Game of Thrones – 100%, for which he was received with open arms. Gina Carano had achieved some supporting roles in movies, however, her career stood out more in the field of mixed martial arts; but although she was not so well known, the character of Cara Dune earned her the affection of fans of Star Wars quickly. But that would not last long, not with his pro-Trump publications, his stance against the Covid-19 vaccine, his decision not to support the trans community through always gestures, and for saying that being a Republican equals a persecuted Jew. in the Holocaust.

But there are those who still believe in Cara Dune. Through Change.org the petition “Disney: Rehire Gina Carano“(Disney: rehire Gina Carano), which already has more than 52 thousand signatures and continues to advance at a rapid pace. In the description of the request, written by the user Logan Norfleet, we can read the following:

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Gina Carano, the actress who plays Cara Dune on the Disney + show The Mandalorian, has been fired by Disney. Why? For canceling culture and Twitter. I’m not going to say he was right or wrong with his views, but firing celebrities for their political views has been happening far too often. What he said may have been a bit extreme, and I can even see why some people may have been offended, but his tweet was not made to incite violence or to express discrimination or hatred of any kind towards any particular group.

Those who comment on the request of Norfleet They talk about the dangers of the cancellation culture and how it has taken hold of Hollywood in recent years. On the other side of the coin we have those who agree that freedom of expression should never be prohibited, as long as the issuer does not try to validate positions that inevitably carry hate speech in the background.

As if the scandal were not enough, another petition was also present on Change.org, but this one demands the dismissal of Pedro Pascal, the star of The Mandalorian. The user RG wrote “Disney, stop with your double Standards Fire Pedro Pascal! #FirePedroPascal” (Disney, stop with your double standards and fire Pedro Pascal) and in the description he placed the following:

Disney fired Gina Carano for making comparisons to current politics and the Holocaust! But he stayed with Pedro Pascal who called half of Nazi Americans for voting for Trump! A great number of those people were also Jewish! And before that he posted a fake photo that compares children in a concentration camp during Nazi Germany to an image that we must believe is of Mexican children being held in the US, but is actually an image of Palestinian children waiting. a meal during Ramadan.

The third season still does not have a release date on the Disney Plus platform but it will definitely arrive with Pedro Pascal as the protagonist and without Gina Carano in the supporting role. You can see the petition in favor of Gina here, and against Pedro here.

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