the map of the game would have leaked on the net, towards a return to Vice City?

Will GTA VI offer a much larger playground than that of GTA V? In any case, this is what this map which has just leaked on the web suggests.

Credit: Rockstar

Say that GTA VI is particularly expected is a no-brainer. Seven years after having experienced the descent into hell Michael, Trevor et Franklin in GTA V, fans of the license are impatient and hope to soon be able to lay their hands on a new episode of the cult saga of Rockstar.

For now, the developers have not given any official information on the title. Some interviews given by the Houser brothers, the founders and big bosses of Rockstar Games, however, provided some information on the title. Thus, we learned in April 2020 that GTA VI would be a smaller game what GTA V or Red Dead Redemption 2.

However, the rumor of the day seems to indicate the opposite. Indeed, several images of what could be the map of GTA VI have leaked on the Imgur site, an American image hosting site. We see several massive islands, which would confirm one of the fan favorite theories that the game takes place at Vice City. As a reminder, Vice City has always been made up of two islands linked by several motorway bridges.

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carte gta
Credit: Imgur

Veterans of the game will likely remember this. If we follow the logic of Rockstar, Vice City is indeed the most probable theory. The first ones GTA in 3D allowed us to discover Liberty City (GTA 3), Vice City (GTA Vice City) then San Andreas (GTA San Andreas). On the following opus, the developers of Rockstar Games have dedicated each episode to a particular city / region, in this case Liberty City for GTA 4 and the region of The Saints (dont San Andreas is part) for GTA V.

If we follow this logic, Vice City So could be the next playground for gamers. With the city being a video game adaptation of Miami, who might know that Rockstar could also invite players to visit relatively nearby Cuba. Obviously, this card must be taken with a grain of salt. Hopefully Rockstar Games will release official GTA VI info soon.

Source : Imgur

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