The Masked Singer: Rebecca Immanuel could only go through the door in the costume

Actress Rebecca Immanuel has put up with a lot of effort for her participation in the music advice show “The Masked Singer”. Her costume as a sparkling goddess was particularly beautiful – and also particularly expansive.

“It was a great honor and a small burden from a purely physical point of view,” said the 49-year-old (“Edel & Starck”) of the German Press Agency in Cologne.

«The head with its protruding snake heads had a width that was wider than most of the door frames. I only came through the door frame to the side. » In addition, the fairing had a decent weight – according to ProSieben 35 kilos – and a high center of gravity. «So you have to keep your head balanced. As soon as I hit something, it hurt my neck. The sequin fabric blocks the heat, it feels like a polar snowsuit, »said the actress.

Immanuel, born in Oberhausen and known from the lawyer series “Edel & Starck” (Sat.1), was the fourth celebrity to leave the ProSieben show and take off her mask on Tuesday. The principle of the game at the show is simple: if you are chosen by the audience, you have to reveal your true identity.

«Only two people really knew about my participation: my husband and my agent. The fact that I wasn’t allowed to tell it was quite a challenge for me, »Immanuel admitted. “Every life experience triggers feelings – and I would have loved to share that with my friends and family.”

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