the match ignites between the federations

As we know, the national team will play the matches of the 3e and 4e CAN playoff days against Zimbabwe. A meeting that Belmadi intends to exploit to end the qualification.

As for the FAF, everything has been prepared so that this internship takes place in good conditions, especially the various trips, because in addition to the repatriation of the players which will take place next Monday from Paris, there will be the trip to Zimbabwe on the 13th. November. A flight that will allow the Greens to arrive early on site and prepare for the game scheduled for the 16th at Harare stadium.

Having said that, Zimbabweans encountered many problems in planning the internship and the trip; their major concern is how to assemble a group and go to play in Algeria then come back and receive the Greens 4 days later, all this with half of the workforce evolving in Europe.

La FAF refuse

In order to settle part of this transport concern in these delicate conditions linked to Covid-19, the Zimbabwe Federation has joined forces with the FAF to ask it for a favor. The Greens’ next opponent has simply asked to repatriate the selection after the match at the July 5 stadium in the same plane that will fly the Greens on the 13th of this month to Harare. A surprising request rejected by the FAF, as local Federation president Felton Kamambo told the Herald. “We have officially requested to use the same plane with the Algerians after our first leg against them next week, but unfortunately their government plane cannot be used by non-Algerians,” Kamambo said.

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ZIFA responds

After this daring request from Zimbabweans, the Algerian Football Federation tried to take advantage of the opponent’s difficulties to place its counter-proposal. She decided to make things happen for her benefit by offering the ZIFA to receive them back and forth in Algeria. This is an option offered by CAF to participants in these qualifiers, in order to circumvent the transport problems linked to Covid-19. But the ZIFA’s response was dry, Kamambo continues his story: “Then, the Algerians offered to play the two consecutive matches on their soil; they offered to take us over, but we declined that offer. We cannot sell our soul. Look, the country is in a festive mood right now after this ban on the Harare National Stadium was lifted, we were all worried after the ban. Moreover, we thank the government, which intervened to resolve the problems raised about the stadium. ”

“We want our players to feel at home”

This is what lights the fuse and opens hostilities as the two matches approach. It must be said that the reaction of the Zimbabweans was expected, that of the FAF also for that matter, because in these times of Covid, it would be more than risky to embark a team in an aircraft that will fly over black Africa for more than 10 hours. An unnecessary risk that the FAF rejected. The Zimbabweans will therefore rent a plane that will cost them some 150,000 dollars. This mishap they had with the FAF can only ignite the game even more. It must be said that Zimbabwe had from the start insisted on receiving the African champion at home. The team already has 4 units on the clock; They are also on track to qualify and do not want to miss this because of missteps against EN: “Remember, before the Covid-19 forces all football activities to be completely stopped, we were ready to welcome Algeria on neutral ground, perhaps in South Africa or Zambia. ” And to continue: “We can not therefore accept to play our home match in Algeria. We want our players to feel at home when we host Algeria. ”

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“We made them the same proposal, they refused it”

The ZIFA visibly up against the FAF made the same proposal, that is to say to receive the Greens back and forth: “We offered them to play the two matches at the National Sports Stadium and to bear their costs. hosting, but they also refused. “

This is already setting fire to the powder between the Federations, while waiting for the reality on the ground. Zimbabwe are planning to send their players from Europe to Algiers directly, while the rest of the squad will rally Algiers. In the process, it is with us that they will enter internship on the 9th, just like the Greens. The double confrontation promises to be really exciting.

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