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The mathematical algorithm of the covid vaccine aims to prevent hepatitis C.

Given the increase in Covid-19 in 2020, a multidisciplinary research team Spanish has decided to propose a strategy that could lead to a vaccine candidate against this virus: CoVPSA.

The researchers, formed with the team of Dr. Carmen Álvarez, from the Marqués de Valdecilla Health Research Institute (IDIVAL), and Dr. Luis Martínez, from the University of the Basque Country / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, turned to their previous work so that , which began as something more theoretical, has become something possible.

As explained by the leaders of the investigation Medical essaysthe greatest gift included in the mathematical design all covid variants were taken into accountfor it would be effective against them all.

“Our approach, which uses combinatorics, allows us to consider different variants together. That is, what could be a “universal vaccine“, explains Dr. Martínez, although he clarified that it is not a” miracle “thing, because it is based on mutations for which data are available.

But in addition, this strategy provides a great advantage, since protect against variants that are circulating at the same time and co-exist, as is the case now. “It doesn’t make much sense to fix their efforts on a specific specific variable, because there will be different simultaneous variables,” explains the UPV / EHU lecturer in Algebra.

One of the most important contributions to this study is that the same method was followed for CoVPSA, the superchain lambda, can be used with different diseases with a high mutation rate, such as HIV or hepatitis C.. “We know perfectly well that this strategy can be applied to other pathogens, we already have research on Hepatitis C,” adds Dr. Álvarez, who also points out that it could be effective against salmonellosis, tuberculosis or even the flu.

What are the features of this new Covid-19 vaccine candidate?

In the first place, the one already mentioned, is capable be effective at the same time against different variants of the virus, which is very useful in cases such as coronavirus. Although this type of virus does not have a too high mutation rate, it is sufficient for new variants to appear periodically.

In addition, according to Dr. Álvarez, peptide vaccines have not yet developed too much and have a very low toxicity, along with this feature that can be stored at room temperaturewhich favors its maintenance in the most disadvantaged areas.

As the researchers explain, this type of vaccine could be combined with what we have now, because they are directed to another area of ​​the virus. In this way, the current controversy over the fourth dose and whether it is effective to give it when it continues to act on the same antigens could be pallied. Instead, this vaccine would act against another antigen and, consequently, may increase immune response against the Covid-19.

A vaccine that could predict covid variables in the future

But without any doubt, one of the most promising lines of this work is the possibility of that taking into account possible future mutations. In other words, with the mathematical system with which it is designed, the most likely future variants can be calculated.

“It simply came to our notice then no crystal ball knows what mutations are this will happen in a month or a year, but the mathematical tools can be used “, explains Dr. Martínez, leader of the computer science design group UPV / EHU for vaccines.

The researcher detailed: “We want to use a probability model, for that our candidate would try to “get ahead” of these mutationsthus taking into account the most likely or possible mutations. “

“It would be unrealistic to expect this vaccine before two years”

However, both scientists wanted to clarify that the study still has limitations and must be updated. “The project started in a pandemic, so we need to update the data with the most recent variantsabout which we had no information at the time “, Luis Martínez pointed out.

On the clinical side, Carmen Álvarez has advanced that the strategy is repeating hands and a larger sample, so that they have more representative results. Similarly, he maintained that a very interesting development would be to check whether, in addition to being effective against all variables, its vaccine candidate could also prevent infection, although this study should be conducted by more specialized research groups in Covid -. 19 like that of Luis Enjuanes or Mariano Esteban.

As to when this shot might be ready, Martínez holds that “it would be unrealistic to think with dates before two years”. This is due to the fact that from the mathematical design until it is released to the market there is a long and expensive process. On the experimental side, Álvarez is more optimistic: “We hope that in a maximum year we will have all the trials already prepared. In a year it is easy to win it because he is repeating trials and what he is preparing this. Shots are only months. “

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