The mayor of New York wants to dismantle Trump in the elections

For once, Donald Trump has fun reading the New York Times and other newspapers in his city. What's more, they are doing the job of attacking their rivals. The last to jump into the crowded arena where 23 candidates are already fighting for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination is New York Mayor Bill De Blasio, "the worst mayor in the US," says the president's counter-campaign. "New Yorkers hate him."

Needless to say, none of these statements is true, which is already taken for granted with Trump's tweets. All in all, a Quinnipiac survey revealed last month that 76% of New Yorkers do not want him to show up. Most prefer to focus on the work of governing the city of skyscrapers, where there are so many problems to be solved.

"If you have not highlighted here how you're going to do it on the national stage?" Asked New York Times columnist Jennifer Senior. It was, perhaps, the softest way to attack him. In the city that never sleeps, where Wall Street's testosterone and the competitiveness of Madison Avenue trigger the adrenaline, the relaxed habits of a mayor unable to get up early has felt bad among New Yorkers.

De Blasio does not hurry the minutes, but spends at least an hour a day just to get to his old gym in Brooklyn, where he can be seen quietly on the tape at 10 o'clock in the morning. Those who hardly see their employees at the City Council, where last year was an average of ten days a month, according to the newspaper. The tabloids have not treated him better. The cover of the New York Post portrayed the alleged laughter of those who listened to the news and the Daily News characterized the mayor of almost two meters dressed Big Foot by the mountains of the country.

The presidential raids of the few New York mayors who have aspired to the presidency usually end up in Florida, where neither retired people emigrated to the state with less taxes and more sunshine voted for Rudy Giuliani in 2008. De Blasio's seems to be stuck at home, although He has his sights set on Iowa.

The Democrats believe that there is already a saturation of progressive candidates who will not be able to convince the most conservative America to beat Trump, which is what really matters to them. Due to the lateness of his decision, De Blasio may not even reach 1% in the surveys required to participate in the debates next month. On the contrary, the governor of Montana Steve Bullock, that was thrown to the ring just two days before the mayor of New York, raised a million dollars in barely 24 hours, the other alternative to appear before the cameras.

The possibility of connecting with the rural and conservative part of the country is more attractive than the proposals for free day care that De Blasio has made possible. That is why former Vice President Joe Biden, the favorite, opens his campaign headquarters in Pennsylvania on Friday and Senator Bernie Sanders defends his ideas on the Fox network. According to the latest Quinniapiac survey, only eight other candidates would reach the first debate organized by NBC in Miami on June 26, a show that without a doubt the president will not be lost.

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