Thursday, 15 Nov 2018

The mayor of Rome awaits the verdict that could decide the political destiny

ROME – The mayor of Rome, besieged by Rome, appears in court for the final day of his trial for allegedly lying about a mayoral appointment that could decide his political fate.

Mayor Virginia Raggi denied the accusation. But if the court finds her guilty and a verdict is to be handed down on Saturday, she should pull out under the rules of the 5-star Movement who conducted her on the ground. Prosecutors demanded a 10-month sentence.

Raggi is accused of lying to anti-corruption officials when she insisted that the choice of the city's tourism office was hers. Prosecutors say the appointment was designed by the brother of the appointee, who was Raggi's chief aide at the time.

The 5-star rules stipulate that any member convicted of a crime can not remain in office, even while on appeal.

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