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The mayor of Toronto will find incriminating evidence in Okko – Gazeta.Ru

Online cinema Okko announced the program on Monday, May 4.

Canadian drama premieres at Okko on Monday“The owners of the city”, which was shot by director-debutant of the full meter Ricky Tollman. A young journalist who has recently graduated from his studies stumbles upon a potentially sensational story related to the mayor of the city, and as part of his own investigation, is rubbed into the confidence in the assistant to the mayor. The main roles in the tape were played by Ben Platt (nomination for the Golden Globe for Politics), Aladdin according to Guy Ritchie Men Massoud, Golden Globe laureate Damien Lewis, as well as the star of the vampire diaries show Nina Dobrev. The drama is based on real events that took place in Canada in 2013 with the then mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford.

In addition, on May 4, the fifth season of the series starts in OkkoBillions, the continuation of the financial drama about the confrontation of billionaire Bobby “Axa” Axelrod (all the same Damien Lewis) and federal prosecutor Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti). The project, which is often compared with the “House of Cards” (both in content and quality), is available in the “Amediateka Series” subscription.

The full program is as follows:


10:00 – lesson for the whole family“Healthy back. Charging”from the cycle of online training # Fitness Against the Virus, which helps to maintain excellent physical shape, without leaving home;

12:00 – documentary“Cave of Forgotten Dreams”will transfer spectators to the famous Chauvet cave in the south of France, visiting of which is completely forbidden to ordinary tourists, since its walls are covered with many drawings, which are the oldest examples of prehistoric painting in the world;


14:00 –recipestrudel with apples and custard from a delicious pastry master Irina Chadeeva as part of a series of video tutorials “Cooking at home with Novikov School”;

16:00 – premiere of the second series of the screenlife comedy about life during quarantine“Together”. The most relevant show with domestic stars in the lead roles (Yulia Topolnitskaya, Rina Grishina, Daniil Vakhrushev and others), completely created remotely – as the requirements for self-isolation require;


19:00 – premiere of the fifth season of dramaBillions. The show is available in the Amediateka TV Series subscription;

21:00 – Dargin tale“Blue bird”performed by writer Alexei Varlamov. The next series of the project introducing subscribers to little-known folk tales;

22:00 – drama premiere“The owners of the city”, one of the main roles in which was played by the star of “Aladdin” Mena Massoud.

What awaits Okko subscribers this week can be found in the detailedmaterial“Newspapers.Ru”.

The multimedia service Okko started in 2011. The project is presented on the platforms Smart TV, iOS and Android, Apple TV, PlayStation 4, as well as on the siteokko.tv. Among the subscriptions are the series “Amediateki”, a selection of Russian cinema and world blockbusters, an arthouse and children’s content.


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