the measure confirmed in the Relaunch Decree

Anticipated within the draft of the “Relaunch Decree”, the establishment of First Playable Fund, a fund specifically dedicated to the video game industry is now official.

The measure was in fact preserved also inside the final text of the Decree, now published as from process legislative within the pages of the Official Gazette of the Italian Republicna. As part of a plan to support new start-ups, the government has indeed decided to allocate € 10 million in non-refundable funds to support the Italian gaming industry.

The purpose of the First Playable Fund, as already anticipated, will be to support the initial stages of videogame development, with a support system aimed at promoting thepre-production activitiesand video games by Italian companies. Each software house will benefit from support equal to a maximum amount between 100,000 and 200,000 euros for the creation of each prototype, intended as the first playable form of the title (hence the name of the Fund itself). In any case, the figure will not be able to contribute to sustain more than 50% of the expenses considered eligible within the Decree. As from process, the concrete delivery mode funding will be defined within a special Implementing Decree, whose drafting is entrusted to Ministry for Economic Development.

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