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The medal is a milestone in my figure skating journey

After the competition, Dennis admitted at the press conference that he enjoyed incredible feelings of energy and favor from the audience, but he was most pleased with the ability to show the best performance in the selection program. The athlete was satisfied with the unprecedented achievement in Latvian figure skating, however, he did not try to give the European Championship medal a certain role in his future.

“I feel like I gave back all one hundred percent,” Vasilyev said. “It simply came to our notice then [medaļa] is definitely the landmark of my journey, but I don’t know where this road will take me. My career in figure skating is a journey. ”

Dennis said that he focuses on training every day, but his success in Tallinn strengthens his confidence that the work he invests will lead to something brighter in the future. He does not see success as a stepping stone, but tries to absorb the positive energy for the continuation of the journey.

Vasiljev enjoys the dynamics of figure skating and the boiling atmosphere of the competition, which allows you to feel the emotions and artistic side of figure skating. Dennis wants to technically perfect the jumps so that they are perfect, but at the same time fit into an artistic performance that he feels is a significant challenge.

It has already been reported that after a short program in the European Championship, Vasiliev took the 6th place, but in the optional skating he achieved the third best result and earned a bronze medal in the sum.

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