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A check of the ability to park a car in a box will be performed in normal parking spaces on light-traffic streets. If this is not possible, the exercise will be performed on sites using cones, as now.

Exercises will also be organized “Parallel parking” and “Back into the box”… The decision on this, based on the logic of the regulations, will be taken by the local examination department of the traffic police, the newspaper writes.

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The new regulations will also increase the maximum exam duration to 50 minutes (it is currently 40 minutes). The changes will apply to those who pass on the rights of categories C1E (light truck with a trailer with a total weight of up to 12 tons) and D1E (a bus with a cargo trailer with a total weight of up to 12 tons). Those wishing to obtain a category B license will have 30 minutes.

According to the head of the National Union of Associations of Driving Schools, Elena Zaitseva, many mistakes that examinees can make are deciphered with links to specific points of traffic rules and documents. She believes that this can have a double effect: on the one hand, it will simplify the work of driving schools, on the other, it will help to challenge the results of exams in the future.

Zaitseva also believes that according to the new regulations, the conditions of the exam in the real movement for category B rights look more benign than the current ones.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed to record a theoretical exam for video rights

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Tatyana Shutyleva, President of the Interregional Association of Driving Schools, agrees that the driving license exam will become easier. She draws attention to the fact that according to the new rules, the requirements for the exercises “parallel parking” and “entering the box” are reduced. “The main thing is that the car should be inside the parking space, at an angle it is there, straight or crooked to the curb, does not affect the assessment,” she clarifies.

Last week, the head of the traffic police Mikhail Chernikov clarifiedthat when taking exams without a “site”, inspectors will pay special attention to driving skills in a real environment. “First of all, we have expanded the testing of knowledge, not only theoretical and practical, because to a greater extent in real traffic conditions, a candidate for drivers will be assessed and allowed to participate in road traffic, including on highways, parking lots, crossroads. They will directly provide an opportunity to evaluate the driver’s skills, ”he explained.


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