The Mégane RS of the Gendarmerie finally sold for € 11,000 – L’Essor

End of the suspense for the auction of a Mégane RS of the Gendarmerie finally sold for nearly 11,000 euros. (Photo: Domaine)

Former rapid intervention vehicle, a Megane RS from Gendarmerie has just been sold for nearly 11,000 euros after a auction in the Rhône.

The racing car quickly raised the auction. While the starting price was set at 200 euros, it was finally at 9,900 euros that they were stopped. In addition to this price, it is also necessary to take into account the flat-rate state tax which amounts to 11% of the final sale price. That is a total of 10,989 euros for this reformed Mégane RS of the Gendarmerie.

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At this price, not sure however that the purchaser has made a good deal. “294,162 km not guaranteed”, “missing pieces”, “HS engine”, “Degraded interior and exterior”… L’ad Full of praise for this vehicle. Proof of its dilapidated state, its removal had to be done with the help of a tray.

However, the identity and quality of the buyer is unknown. As this is a sale strictly reserved for professionals, it could just as well be a mechanic, a spare parts seller, or even a museum that would like to welcome the sportswoman to exhibit her.

Soon other Mégane RS to be auctioned?

Since 2010, 70 Mégane RS have equipped the Gendarmerie’s rapid intervention teams. Tested, sometimes injured, more than a third have already left active service. But with the announced arrival of 17 new Seat Leon Cupra cars, most Méganes should gradually give up their place and take the direction of the garage. May collectors and professionals missed out on this sale be reassured. Other reformed Renault cars should quickly be sold again by the Estate.

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