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The Meiland family is getting a new cut

The roguish trio went out and visited the French hairdresser. Martien thinks it is strange that Maxime and Erica have to pay more than ten euros more for their haircut. “Bunch of scamp”, says the lord of the castle. “And so it is,” confirms his daughter. Erica thinks it is ‘discrimination’, but the three are quite satisfied with the outcome. “Girl, listen. How beautiful it is!”, Martien thinks of his wife’s new haircut.

“I have to get used to it,” says Maxime. But her parents love it. “What a different child!” Martien says. Erica thinks she looks more youthful and that goes down the wrong way with her daughter. “Goddamn, even younger”, said Maxime. “I just look like a 12-year-old”, she continues. Her parents give her the confirmation she’s looking for: “It’s great fun.”

Whoever did not give his opinion, but was probably present, is Maxime’s new friend. The reality star is completely crazy about Leroy, who she met during the shooting of Chateau Meiland. Daddy Martien also loves him, as can be seen in the video below.

Look here the entire episode of Chateau Meiland.

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