The MeowTalk app lets you talk to your cat (for real)

Meow. Cats can do some of it. Are the four-legged friends doing it because they are hungry, grumpy, or because they want to have a chat with you? Thanks to MeowTalk everything becomes clear. The app records cat noises and then tries to figure out the meaning of the meows.

Research has shown that cats, unlike their human owners, do not share language. Each cat’s meow is unique and tailored to its owner. By recording the sounds of your furry friend and then labeling them using MeowTalk, the app tries to better understand the voice of each individual cat. The more sounds you record, the more accurate the app can work.

Currently, the app’s vocabulary contains 13 different phrases, such as “Feed me”, “I’m angry” and “Leave me alone.” The ultimate goal is to develop a smart collar that should recognize, translate and pronounce all of your cat’s different types of meows in a human voice. So talking to your furry friend really becomes possible.


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