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the message of hope of a recovered American

Elizabeth Schneider, a 37 year old American who its resumption of infection with the new coronavirus taking care of herself, wants to share this message: don’t panic, but think about those at risk and stay home if you feel sick.

She lives in Washington State, main focus of the virus with more than 260 cases and at least two dozen deaths, the heaviest death toll recorded in the country. Elizabeth Schneider wants to “give people a little hope” with the history of his relatively mild infection, probably typical of the vast majority of cases, explains CNN, who tells his story.

“Obviously, we must not be too lazy, because there are many elderly people or people with health problems who remain vulnerable,” she tempers. “We must be extremely vigilant and think of isolating ourselves from others”. Elizabeth Schneider started to feel symptoms akin to flu-like illness on February 25, three days after going to a party that was later identified as the place of infection for at least five other people.

Headache, fever, body aches

“I woke up tired, but it was nothing more than what I usually feel in the morning when I have to go to work,” she says. At noon, she experiences a headache, fever and body aches. She decides to leave the office of the biotechnology company where she works as a marketing manager and returns home. She later finds that she has a high fever.

“At that time, I started to shake uncontrollably, and I felt tingling in my extremities … it was a little worrying”. She turns to over-the-counter flu medication to treat her symptoms. The fever decreases over the days. “I thought I certainly didn’t have the coronavirus,” says Elizabeth Schneider, who has never experienced the cough or shortness of breath associated with the disease.

A few days later, however, she discovers on a friend’s Facebook page that several party guests had developed similar symptoms. Several of these people were refused the test for the coronavirusbecause they did not have respiratory problems.

Supposing that she would not have access to the test either, she decides to enroll in the Seattle Flu Study, an influenza research program that sends her a nasal sampling kit to send back by mail. “I finally got a call telling me that I had the Covid-19 “. By the time she was diagnosed, her symptoms had already disappeared, but the local health authorities asked her to stay home for another 72 hours.

She has been feeling better for a week now. She has started shopping again, but avoids large gatherings and continues to work from her home. “If you think you have it, you should get tested,” advises the American. “And if your symptoms are not life threatening, just stay at home, take over-the-counter medications, drink lots of water, and watch the shows you want to see. ”

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