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the meteor shower of the Orionids not to be missed on the night of October 21 to 22

The famous Orionid shooting star shower is back this fall and will be at its peak very soon. When and where to watch them? Where do they come from? So many questions that we will answer!

Whether you are an astronomy lover, a sweet dreamer, or just a curious person, here is an event that is sure to interest you. Yes the year 2020 is complicated on many levels, she is very rich in astronomy. During this month of October particularly full of astronomical phenomena, a sublime shower of shooting stars should crown it all.

About twenty meteorites per hour

If you have the possibility, don’t miss the next meteor shower. Although the Orionids are active from October 2 to November 7, they will be particularly visible on the night of October 21 to 22, 2020. Leave your calendar behind because the show will be worth the trip.

The Orionids are shooting stars that appear every year between October and November. They take their name from the constellation Orion, from which they seem to come. If the sky is clear enough and the conditions are optimal, you can see up to twenty meteorites per hour.

More meteor showers to come

So every year we pass through this meteor swarm which is active. See you then, on the night of October 21 to 22, 2020 to attend this beautiful show and until November 7 for the end of the Orionids.

But rest assured, other showers of shooting stars will quickly take over. From November 6, until November 30, you can enjoy the Leonids. This shower of shooting stars is often less intense than that of the Orionids but it has a particularity. Every 33 years, it crosses comet 55P / Tempel-Tuttle. This meeting then creates a real storm during which thousands of meteors are visible. Unfortunately, its next visit is scheduled for 2031. We will have to be patient.

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