The Ministry of Health has purchased two million doses of influenza vaccine

The first 300,000 doses of vaccine should reach DSPs by the end of this month, and the vaccination campaign could begin on October 15, as is usually the case, or even earlier this date. As in previous years, the distribution of vaccine doses to public health departments will be done in several stages. The vaccines will then be delivered to family doctors’ offices and hospitals, so that immunization can begin. As last year, people over the age of 65 with chronic diseases, institutionalized children and the elderly, medical staff and pregnant women will be vaccinated with priority in the free campaign of the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Adrian Marinescu, medical director of the Matei Balş Institute of Infectious Diseases in the Capital, explained why influenza vaccination is very important, especially in the context of the current Sars Cov 2 epidemic. . Dr. Marinescu: “A double infection, with two viruses, would lead to a much more reserved prognosis”

“Why should they be vaccinated against the flu, especially now? For several reasons. First of all, that no one needs to have a double infection with two viruses, which would clearly lead to a much more reserved prognosis, to have the flu, and Covid at the same time. Secondly, Romania is certainly not prepared from a financial and logistical point of view to have an influenza epidemic. Vaccination should happen as soon as possible, to prevent an epidemiological situation that could definitely be more difficult, and then we would have two problems, not just one.

Thirdly, it will be a diagnostic problem, when I have a symptomatology that can be valid for both diseases, I will have a management problem, because it will be difficult to choose the circuit, it will be the discussion with the differential diagnosis. , is an additional complication. I think the best option is vaccination, especially since we are talking about an influenza vaccine that we are practically used to and we have information every year, so there is no question that it is something new, nor to have signs question, as we have not had in the past years “, explained for the medical director of the Matei Balş Institute from the Capital.

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Those who have already had Covid 19 disease should also be vaccinated against the flu, says doctor Adrian Marinescu. “The flu is definitely dying too”

“He should be clearly vaccinated and he should know that the data we have do not speak of an interval between the two vaccines, possibly he can wait a week for possible side effects in case of the first administration ( a week between the vaccine anti-Covid 19 and the flu vaccine), even if they have gone through the disease, do not want to be re-infected, especially since we are talking about new mutations, do not want to be in severe form, very clear.

As in Sars-Cov 2, it says “Maybe I’ll make a light shape,” yes, but what if I don’t make a light shape? I will need a hospitalization, there may be complications, I may be left with sequelae, I may unfortunately get to the worst. He is definitely dying of the flu as well “, the specialist points out.

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What is the situation related to the hospitalizations of patients with Sars cov 2 at the Matei Balş Institute in the Capital. Dr. Adrian Marinescu: “There are starting waiting times on duty, all seats are occupied, many hospitals need to participate in the Covid circuit”

“It is a rather complicated situation and we expect it to increase in intensity, all the places, not only those in therapy, are occupied and when they are released, they are occupied immediately. There are beginning to be waiting times on guard, it is not an extremely difficult situation at the moment, but we can think that in the following weeks this constant increase will lead to unpleasant situations, as we have had in the past. We should learn and use the experience that we clearly have, experience that says that in hot areas like the Capital you need many hospitals to participate in the Covid circuit, I absolutely agree that all pathologies must be seen the same, but it is clear that out of a number of 2000 cases a day, 30% of them in Bucharest, a fairly simple calculation shows us that we also need a fairly large number of places of hospitalization, and patients in need of oxygen, and places in intensive care “, added the doctor.

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Beatrice Speteanu, a pharmacist, says that there are already stocks of influenza vaccine in the pharmacy where she works. A dose of vaccine costs around 60 lei. The pharmacist also explains how the vaccine should be kept at home until administration. The intranasal flu vaccine for children, highly requested by parents, is not yet available in all pharmacies. A dose of intranasal vaccine costs around 130 lei


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