The mischievous reaction of Dante Spinetta when asked about his relationship with Flor Vigna

The rumor of romance between Dante Spinetta Y Vigna flower circulates for several weeks. And, with the passing of days, the version is gaining strength as the statements of the protagonists add more intrigue than denial.

The singer was in Bafweek and was consulted for his brand new relationship with the actress of One week nothing more. “Look, I don’t speak those things, that facet of private life must be kept, for me. I don’t talk about those things, so I prefer not to talk about those things. Anyway, thanks for the good vibes, ”he began trying to escape the camera from The Angels of the Morning.

“If I have a friend who wants to meet you, can I introduce her to you or would you say you are with someone?” “No, I’m not dating. I will not say anything else, ”he replied.

Then, they consulted how Vigna’s personality was in privacy. “How is Flor? I don’t know, you know too. Quiet, bye, hahaha, ”he said goodbye with a laugh and good vibes.


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