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The misplaced proposal that Sol Pérez received in quarantine

Sol Pérez continues working from his Instagram account. Credit: Instagram

With closed theaters and retired or reformulated television shows, the livelihood of familiar faces on the small screen begins to be jeopardized. However, those with age or reflexes to take the technological leap found in Instagram a space to maintain some commercial agreements in times of pandemic.

Sol Pérez

was on Tuesday as a “virtual” guest at


, and the biggest doubt of the panelists was precisely how to turn social networks into a workplace. The host and actress, who knows a lot about that, nonetheless explained that her support for companies is not motivated by what they can earn but by solidarity and gratitude: “With the brands that banked me from the beginning, when I didn’t have Followers, I still work for free, because they trusted me. They wrote me some who are half in trouble with this situation, and asked me if they could send me clothes and I could upload some photos to my Instagram. I said yes, there was no no problem.

I do not have in my soul that of taking little pots from anywhere

However, not all were good experiences for her: “My brother, who is the one who handles the exchanges, tells me today: ‘Sun, they offer us so much money to promote a page. I went to see it, but it said tremendous things, rudeness ”

It was, as he explained later, a humor-oriented site based on sexuality, provocation, and aggression towards women. “All right to be called,” he continued, “but I

things like that I can’t promote, I have a limit

. They offered me a lot of money, above 10 … “, without making it entirely clear if he was referring to ten thousand pesos, or as Mercedes Ninci supposed, 10,000 dollars.

What Sol Pérez did confirm was his return to television, after his time in



Controversy at the bar

: “I have a very good proposal that would start next week”.



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