The moment of the series

Now that the consumption of culture is reduced to the walls of your home, the phenomenon of the series acquires a significance as never before. In fact, this has always been the secret of its success: it is a product that has come into our home, easily accessible and has changed our habits as few things have been able to do it.

The platform age has opened up to us a world of possibilities that not so many years ago seemed unthinkable, has transformed our use of generalist chains, and turned our small leisure spaces into permanent management of serial storytelling.

An example: How many times do we turn an episode into what we systematically do before going to bed? Earlier this domestic audiovisual consumption was monopolized by cinema, but the duration of a chapter is much more sustainable for the purposes of time management. Therefore, now that we are confined and confined, it is a great time to retrieve or discover those series that have marked the phenomenon and help us understand how we have come culturally to where we are.

It is usually said that The Wire is one of the best series ever made, and it is true. At HBO you have this gem from David Simon a very personal and scrupulous look at the thrust of a society, from the inhabitants of the bottom to our rulers, through those who uphold the Law and those who stand by it. The series is a journey as exciting and addictive to the heart of urban realism through unforgettable characters and a peculiar structure that makes each season a social stratum.

Also on HBO, you have the series he shares with The Wire the podium of the quality: The Sopranos. In that case, James Gandolfini leads a cast in graceful casting around the traditional gangster story, presented here from the most intimate perspective and with absolutely dazzling attention to detail. Aside from having one of the most risky (and well-brained) endings in modern television history.

We can not forget either Breaking Bad (every season on Netflix, and two on Amazon), the series with one of the best character studios ever seen on a screen. Walter White, a chemistry professor who has become a dangerous drug dealer, has redesigned the concept of the contemporary demiurge, forcing the viewer to take a violent dive into things he does not want to accept in the world in which he lives. Their viewing can be complemented by The Way, the movie focused on the character of Jessie, and with his spin-off Better Call Saul; of identical quality in the mother series. All this, also on Netflix.

He is quoted less likely because there are those who slipped along the path, however Mad Men (on Netflix and Amazon) it has also been instrumental in understanding why the series have become a cultural phenomenon of the highest level. The story of Don Draper, a busy personal and professional life publisher, was the axis of a social parable that, at its core, spoke to us of the validity of structural vices that still define the way we relate to. our environment. And little is said that his end was exceptional.

Speaking of exceptional, well-finished series, another modern classic is The Leftovers, a real gem of HBO which reflects on mourning and loss as the 2 percent of the world’s population disappears. Okay, this is not to cheer a day (let alone a confinement), but it is an unforgettable experience. On the other side, no matter how heavy it is for some, it must be seen Lost, the series that changed it even though it shares creator with The Leftovers, Damon Lindelof. Beyond the unfair controversies with its ending and the obvious dilatation of some season, there is no doubt that this tribute to the fantastic is the reason why he changed the way he watch television and also a compendium on how to play with the expectations. It is not currently on any platform, but it will not be returning soon.

And finally, if you want to keep up with the fundamental series you must see Friends. Maybe it’s not round, maybe it’s seen too much, maybe it’s too long and maybe we talk too much. But few series, let alone situational comedies, can boast of having so much influence in later culture. And it is really fun, even if the time has not ended up trying quite well in some things. Proof of its iconographic and social impact is that it is available on all three major platforms: HBO, Netflix and Amazon. No one wants to let her go.

This list could have many more titles ( Deadwood, The Americans, The good wife, Seinfeld, Frasier, The West Wing), but we’ll spend some time on future deliveries.


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