The most desirable gifts from children and adults were named at the mail of Santa Claus :: Society :: RBC

Photo: AGN “Moscow”

Children this year ask Santa Claus for smartphones, Lego constructors and LOL dolls, reported to the Izvestia newspaper, the head of the magician’s post office in Veliky Ustyug, Natalya Medvedkova.

“In the first place we have this year [у детей] – mobile phones. The second place was shared by Lego and LOL dolls, – said Medvedkova.

In third place among children’s requests are hoverboards, quadcopters, laptops and tablets. “They often ask Santa Claus for bicycles,” she added.

Among adults, some ask for health, happiness and well-being, others hope for material benefits: cars, apartments, said the representative of the Santa Claus post office.

In total, in November, according to her, Santa Claus received 23 thousand letters, of which 89 were sent by e-mail. “Now we receive daily from 500 to 1000 messages a day, and on December 1, a record 3.5 thousand were received,” she said.


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